Getting Permissions

Publisher Agreements

Learn about your five essential rights and options and think about the future life of your work before you sign your contract.

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Use of Images from the Frances Loeb Library Collections

Images available in the Frances Loeb Library's Collection are primarily for education use only -- to support your coursework.  We are not the rights holders to the majority of the images in the Visual Collections.  If you find an image in the Loeb Library's collections that you want to use in a publication or for commerical use, you will need to secure permission for its use.  To do this, please contact the owning collection, or person.   For images that are part of the Frances Loeb Library's Visual Collections, please contact us so we can assist you in locating the rights holder.

For more information on copyright, check out the links on this page.

Fair Use and Copyright

What is Fair Use?
A graphic explaining Fair Use from the Harvard Office of Scholarly Communication.

Copyright and Fair Use: a guide for the Harvard Community

Copyright Crash Course 
This guide from the University of Texas Austin includes a great section on getting permissions.

Copyright and Your Dissertation or Thesis: Ownership, Fair use, and Your Rights and Responsibilities.
Based on copyright information for dissertation authors from ProQuest and Kenneth D. Crews.