About Artists' Books

The term "artist's book" may be applied to a wide range of book objects combining artmaking, bookbinding, literature, and sculpture, influenced by many avant-garde, conceptual, and contemporary movements throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. The name has come to embody the physical expression of the book as an art object.  Artists' books may be created in a variety of structures and every conceivable print media and range from inexpensive offset multiples to unique or small production works using elaborate craft techniques.

Selected Books About Artists' Books

Artists' Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art / Gwen Allen

A Century of Artists' Books / Riva Castleman

Artists/Author: Contemporary Artists' Books / Cornelia Lauf, Clive Phillpot

Artists' Books: A Critical Anthology and Sourcebook / Joan Lyon

Artists' Books, A Critical Survey of the Literature / Stefan Klima

By Chance: Serendipity and Randomness in Contemporary Artists' Books / Robin Price

Contemporary Polish Book Art / Alicja Slowikowska

Speaking of Book Art: Interviews with British & American Book Artists / Cathy Courtney

The Book as Art: Artists' Books from the National Museum in the Arts / Krystyna Wasserman

The Century of Artists' Books / Johanna Drucker

The Cutting Edge of Reading: Artists' Books / Renée Riese Hubert

Zehn Jarhe Kunsterbucher: Ten Years of Artists' Books / Unica T.