Keeping your research up-to-date

Alerts Overview

Many research tools, both subscription-based and open-access, allow users to set up alerts to stay connected with the topics they are interested in. Alerts are generally sent to the user through emails or RSS feeds.The main benefit of creating alerts is to stay current with newly published information of your interest in an efficient way. 

Type of Alerts

  • Journal Alerts - receive notifications when a new issue of a particular journal becomes available.
  • Search Alerts - receive notifications when a new item published that matches the saved search alert criteria.
  • Citation Alerts - get notifications when the saved article is cited.
  • RSS feeds - subscribe to syndicated RSS feeds from publishers. 

About this How-to Guide

This guide highlights the use of Journal and Search Alerts in HOLLIS, EBSCOhost, Google Scholar and ProQuest. If you are interested in learning more about creating alerts in other research tools or have questions about using alerts, feel free to Ask Us.