1. Musket balls, 1775. During the 1775-1776 siege of Boston, while Harvard College students were evacuated to Concord, Hollis Hall served as a barracks for Continental soldiers.  A major renovation of Hollis in 1959 revealed five revolutionary era musket balls between the floorboards.  HUB 1452.3 HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/009191943/catalog
  2. Daily pocket journal of John and Hannah Winthrop, 1766-1779.  Small printed daily pocket journal repurposed by both John and Hannah between 1766 and 1779 to record household accounts including livestock pasturing, income received, and payments to servants, merchants, and tradesmen for food, livestock, clothing, linen, etc.   November page. The last three calendar pages contain lists of books in Hannah's handwriting dated 1773 and August 1768. HUM 9 Box 8  HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/000604438/catalog
  3. Quaestiones, 1768. Theses (for undergraduates) and Quaestiones (for Master's degree candidates) are broadsides that announced the topics for formal debate or exposition at Commencement. Note the phrases describing the origin of the paper on this 1768 sheet. HUC 6642 HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/009423834/catalog
  4. Embroidered pocketbook, 1774 This object was made for Fisher Ames, possibly to commemorate his graduation from Harvard in 1774. HUM 96 Box 1, Item 1  HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/012816761/catalog
  5. A pictorial map of Cambridge, 1760-1770 showing the residences & gardens of the principal citizens of the town [map] by Rupert B. Lillie [birds-eye view, created 1939]. HUV 2160 HOLLIS: http://id.lib.harvard.edu/via/olvwork374315/catalog
  6. Mathematical thesis done by William A. Warner (AB 1815). “A Perspective Representation of Craigie's House.” [Washington's headquarters, now Longfellow's home.] HUC 8782.514 (203) HOLLIS: http://id.lib.harvard.edu/via/olvwork279894/catalog
  7. Manuscript copy of Charles Morton’s Compendium Physicae copied by Harvard student Obadiah Ayer (AB 1710) in 1708. HUC 8707.370 HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/006152553/catalog
  8. Account book of Andrew Croswell (AB 1798), 1794-1802. HUD 1798.14                                                     HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/012254438/catalog
  9. College Book №. 1, 1639-1827.  College Book No. 1 contains the earliest records of Harvard’s two governing boards, the Corporation and the Board of Overseers. It includes the first depiction of the “Veritas” seal, proposed at a meeting in 1643. UAI 5.5  HOLLIS:http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/001554168/catalog
  10. Corporation minutes extracted [transcribed] from the College Books, 19th century. Corporation records volume 1, December 27, 1643-September 5, 1750 UAI 5.30 Box 1 HOLLIS: http://id.lib.harvard.edu/aleph/012645975/catalog 
  11. Transcription of College Book №. 1 in  Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts. (Boston: 1925), Volume XV.