Databases to Consider

Harvard Library's extensive collection of e-resources can be browsed by clicking on the DATABASES tab at the top of this guide (and at the top of all library main pages).

To make your initial efforts at exploration more focused and less overwhelming, we recommend you start your immigration-themed research with one (or more) of these key resources:


  • America: History and Life: focuses exclusively on scholarship about the U.S. and Canada, prehistory to present; a gold standard.
  • Ethnic NewsWatch: includes key journals on ethnicities and ethnic studies, together with news and magazines produced by native and minority presses
  • Race Relations Abstracts: covers essential areas related to this topic, including ethnic studies, discrimination, and immigration studies.


  • Academic Search Premier: ​mix of news, magazines, scholarly journals
  • JStor: mix of key scholarly journals; usually has an embargo on the most recent 1-3 years
  • Google Scholar: adds full-text searching into its multidisciplinary mix; good for following citation trails.