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Finding aids for Center Collections: Home

A complete list of finding aids (descriptive guides) for archival and manuscript collections at the Center for the History of Medicine, Countway Library.

About this list

This is a complete list of online finding aids available for archive and manuscript collections in the Center for the History of Medicine. Finding aids are descriptive guides to collections that help users understand, contextualize, and access collection contents. Only a small percentage of Center collections have online finding aids; additional collections and other holdings can be located using the Harvard University Library's HOLLIS Catalog.

For help searching for Center collections, visit our How to Search page or Contact us.

Center for the History of Medicine Finding Aids

Alphabetical by last name of collection creator.



A. Morris & Co. Ledger, 1859-1861 (inclusive). H MS c277

Adams, Zabdiel Boylston, 1793-1855. Papers, 1817-1824 (inclusive). H MS c566. 

Adelstein, S. J. Papers, 1959-2007 (inclusive), 1968-1997 (bulk). H MS c362 

Affiliated Hospitals Center (Boston, Mass.) Records, 1966-1984. BWH c2 

Albright, Fuller, 1900-1969. Papers, 1909-1964, 1990. H MS c72

Alexander, Benjamin, 1909-. Letter to Dr. Wessler regarding Beth Israel Hospital Medical Senior Staff Dinner, March 1957. H MS c502. 

American Academy of Dental Science. Records, 1868-1997 (inclusive). H MS c512. 

American Dental Association Department of Library Services records, 1885-2011 (inclusive), 1925-2011 (bulk). H MS c503. 

American Roentgen Ray Society. Records, 1913-1952 (inclusive), 1932-1941 (bulk). H MS c293

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Records, 1908-2013 (inclusive), 1930s-1980s (bulk). H MS c192 

Amos, Harold. Papers, 1949-2003. H MS c476. 

Anatomia. Nozioni preliminari e divisione dello scheletro anatomical manuscript with watercolor illustrations, circa 1825. H MS b119.

Aub, Joseph C. (Joseph Charles), 1890- Papers, 1918-1974. H MS c169 

Avery, Mary Ellen, 1927-. Papers, 1929-2002 (inclusive). H MS c201

Aycock, W. Lloyd. Papers, 1919-1951. H MS c203 

Ayer, James Bourne, 1882-1963. Papers, 1788-1960. H MS c239 

Badger, Theodore L. Papers, 1934-1981. H MS c208 

Ballantine, H. Thomas, 1912- Papers, 1932-1993. H MS c215 

Barger, A. Clifford, 1917-1996. Papers, 1803-1995 (inclusive), 1968-1995 (bulk). H MS c478.

Bartlett, Harriett M. (Harriett Moulton). Collected pamphlets, 1928-1962 (inclusive). H MS c655.

Bauer, Walter, b. 1898. Papers, 1929-1960. GA 6.20 

Baumgartner, Leona. Papers, 1837-1993 (inclusive), 1930-1970 (bulk). H MS c305 

Beckwith, Jonathan R. Papers, 1933-2011 (inclusive), 1965-2004 (bulk). H MS c370

Beecher, Henry K. (Henry Knowles), 1904- Papers, 1848-1976. H MS c64 

Bellows, Albert J. (Albert Jones), 1804-1869. Carte de visite, circa 1868. H MS c491. 

Benedict, Francis Gano, 1870-1957. Papers, 1870-1957. GA 7 

Benes, Francine M. Papers, 1979-2014 (inclusive), 1985-2005 (bulk). H MS c475.

Benford, Robert J., 1905-. Papers, 1917-1989 (inclusive), 1935-1960 (bulk). H MS c346 

Benson, Herbert, 1935- Papers, 1960-2003. H MS c238 

Beth Israel Hospital Seminars in Medicine. Audio recording and transcript, 11 January 1969. H MS c563. 

Bibring, Edward, 1894-1959. Papers, 1929-1960 (inclusive), 1941-1958 (bulk). H MS c283

Bibring, Grete L. (Grete Lehner), 1899-1977. Papers, 1882-1977. H MS c159 

Bigelow, Henry Jacob, 1818-1890. Papers, 1840s-1856 (inclusive), 1848-1855 (bulk). H MS c439.

Blake, Clarence J. Papers, 1835-1909 (inclusive). H MS c607.

Blank, Irvin Haas, 1902-2000. Papers, 1927-1992. H MS c160 

Boston Hemophilia Center. Oral History Project. The gift of experience, 2004-2007.  H MS c228

Boston Hospital for Women. Records, 1926-1983 (inclusive), 1966-1979 (bulk). BWH c005. 

Boston Lying-in Hospital. Records, 1855-1983, 1921-1966 (bulk). BWH c7 

Boston Medical Library. Images, ca. 1870-1971. M-CL02, Series 00096, 00097, 00098, 00100 

Boston Women's Health Book Collective. Subject files, 1980-2000. H MS c261 

Bovie, William T., 1882-1958. Papers, 1890-1953 (inclusive). H MS c538.

Bowditch, H. P. (Henry Pickering), 1840-1911. Papers, 1813, 1837, 1851-1961 (inclusive). H MS c5 

Brazelton, T. Berry, 1918- Papers, 1949-2007 (inclusive), 1971-2004 (bulk). H MS c244 

Briggs, Lloyd Vernon, 1863-1941. Papers, 1774-1940 (inclusive), 1911-1938 (bulk). H MS c162

Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Records, 1900-2006 (Bulk 1980-2000). BWH c1 

Browder, Newton C. Slides from a lecture on the treatment of Cocoanut Grove fire victims, 09 January 1955. H MS c539. 

Browne, John Mills, 1831-1894. Papers, 1848-1852. H MS c336. 

Bulova, Stephen I. Collection of Harvard Medical School memorabilia and Massachusetts Medical Benevolent Society by-laws, 1846-1868 (inclusive). H MS c492.

Burwell, C. Sidney (Charles Sidney), 1893-. Papers, 1924-1967. H MS c65 

Butler, Allan Macy. Papers, 1916-1986 (inclusive), 1930-1969 (bulk). H MS c313 

Cambridge Medical Improvement Society Centennial Dinner Meeting. Program, 09 May 1968. H MS c555. 

Canavan, Myrtelle M. (Myrtelle May), b. 1879. Papers, 1898-1945. GA 10.20.

Cannon, Walter B. (Walter Bradford), 1871-1945. Papers, 1873-1945 (inclusive), 1881-1945 (bulk). H MS c40 

Cannon, Bradford. Papers, 1902-2003. H MS c240 

Case, Sarah Valete, 1884-. Papers, 1916-1925. H MS c134. 

Castle, William B. Papers, 1889-1991 (inclusive), 1925-1989 (bulk). H MS c174 

Cattell, McKeen, 1891-. Papers, 1909-1987. H MS c71 

Chivian, Eric. Papers, 1978-1989, 2001-2003 (inclusive). H MS c511. 

Christian, Henry A. (Henry Asbury), 1876-1951 . Papers, 1876-1951. H MS b68 

Churchill, Edward D. (Edward Delos), 1895-1972. Papers, 1840-1873. H MS c62 

Clement, Mark. Draft writing titled "The Medical Treatment of Cancer: Introduction," 06 November 1937. H MS c590. 

Cobb, Stanley, 1887-1968. Papers, 1898-1982 (inclusive), 1901-1968 (bulk). H MS c53 

Codding, Mildred B. Collection of surgical reprints, 1921-1933 (inclusive). H MS c614. 

Cohen, Raquel E., 1922-. Papers, 1945-2018 (inclusive), 1945-1979 (bulk). H MS c545. 

Cohn, Edwin J. (Edwin Joseph), 1892-1953. Papers, 1927-1955 (inclusive). H MS c375

Connell, Elizabeth B. Papers, 1960-2010 (inclusive), 1970-1990 (bulk). H MS c437

Cooper, Sir Astley. Letter to Reverend Dr. Burney, circa 1812. H MS c495.

Cope, Oliver, 1902-1994. Papers, 1891-1992 (inclusive), 1930-1991 (bulk). H MS c177 

Cummings, Mary Searle. World War I scrapbooks, 1917-1919 (inclusive). H MS c593. 

Curran, Jean Alonzo, 1893- Papers, [186?], 1893-1976. H MS c164 

Cushing, Harvey, 1869-1939. Papers, 1923-1939 (inclusive). H MS c600

Cushing, Hayward Warren, 1854-1934. Papers, 1887-1898 (inclusive). H MS c185.

Cutler, Elliott Carr, 1888-1947. Papers, 1911-1948. H MS c170 

Davidson, Charles S. (Charles Sprecher), 1910-. Papers, 1918-1999 (inclusive), 1941-1990 (bulk). H MS c188 

Davis, Bernard, D., 1916-1994. Papers, 1909-1995 (inclusive), 1939-1994 (bulk). H MS c190.

Dawes , Lydia M. Gibson, 1896- Papers, 1926-1959. B MS c96

Denckla, Katherine Rodgers. Collection of records about George C. Cotzias, 1960-1979 (inclusive). H MS c184.

Dickinson, Robert Latou, 1861-1950. Illustrations of female pelvic and reproductive organs for Tampax Incorporated, undated. H MS c414

Dickinson, Robert Latou, 1861-1950. Papers, 1881-1972 (inclusive), 1883-1950 (bulk). H MS c591 

Dixon, Robert B. (Robert Brewer). Papers, 1881-1944. H MS c191. 

Douglass, D. DeForrest (Darwin DeForrest). Papers, 1820-1901 (inclusive), 1850-1900 (bulk). H MS c531.

Drinker, Cecil Kent, 1887-1956. Papers, 1898-1957. H MS c165 

Dunham, Charles L. Papers, 1924-1976 (inclusive), 1955-1975 (bulk). H MS c384 

Dunham, Ethel C. (Ethel Collins), b. 1883. Papers, 1952-1965. H MS c158 

Duran I Reynals, Francesc. Papers, 1913-1960. H MS c194

Eisenberg, Carola. Papers, 1945-2006 (inclusive), 1977-2006 (bulk). H MS c254

Eisenberg, Leon. Papers, 1905-2009 (inclusive), 1968-2005 (bulk). H MS c196 

Emmerton, James A. (James Arthur), 1834-1888. Scrapbook, 1844-1886 (bulk). H MS c522. 

Epsteen, Casper Morley, 1902-1995. Papers, 1928-1983 (inclusive), 1950-1979 (bulk). H MS c93 (formerly PS 10) 

Essex, Myron, 1939-. Papers, 1949-1996 (inclusive), 1965-1996 (bulk). H MS c466.

Fansher, Sylvanus, 1770-1846. Papers, 1805-1846 (inclusive). H MS c472.

Fein, Rashi. Papers, 1944-2012 (inclusive), 1953-2000 (bulk). H MS c327 

Fine, Jacob, 1900-. Papers, 1939-1976. H MS c200 

Finland, Maxwell. Papers, 1916-2003. H MS c153 

Fisher, Charles Miller, 1913-2012. Papers, 1827-2004 (inclusive), 1950s-1990s (bulk). H MS c230

Fiske, Cyrus H., 1890-1978. Papers, 1908-1971 (inclusive), 1921-1957 (bulk). H MS c387 

Fleischner, Felix. Papers, 1919-1971 (inclusive). H MS c57 

Fleischner Society. Records, 1896, 1963-2003 (inclusive), 1969-1994 (bulk). H MS c198 

Folkman, M. Judah. Papers, 1907-2012 (inclusive), 1950-2006 (bulk). H MS c365

Forbes, Alexander. Papers, 1827, 1835, 1848-1978 (inclusive), 1910-1946 (bulk). H MS c22. 

Forbes, Anne Pappenheimer, 1911-1992. Personal and Professional Papers, 1930-1991. H MS c180 

Forbes, William H., 1902-1995. Papers, 1941-1978 (inclusive), 1948-1957 (bulk). H MS c323 

Forrow, Lachlan. Papers, 1970-1999 (inclusive). H MS c629

Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine buildings and grounds, clubs and associations, departments, and subjects. Images, ca. 1962-1998. M-CL02, Series 00094, 00097, 00099, 00100 

Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine Events. Images, 1964-1966. M-CL02, Series 000987 

Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine Interiors. Images, ca. 1962-1998. M-CL02, Series 00096 

Free Hospital for Women. Records, 1875-1975. BWH c6

Frisch, Rose E. (Rose Epstein). Papers, 1921-2014 (inclusive), 1970-2000 (bulk). H MS c455.

Gamble, Clarence James, 1894-. Papers, 1920-1970s (inclusive), 1920-1966 (bulk). H MS c23

Geschwind, Norman. Papers, 1941-1984 (inclusive), 1968-1984 (bulk). H MS c435 

Gifford, Sanford. Papers, 1895-2013 (inclusive), 1950-2000 (bulk). H MS c328 

Good, Robert A., 1922-2003. Papers, 1943-2006 (inclusive). H MS c317 

Gorini, Luigi, 1903-1976. Papers, 1922-1988. H MS c468.

Gortmaker, Steven Lawrence, 1949-. Papers, 1955-1998 (inclusive), 1977-1997 (bulk). H MS c504.

Grass, Albert M. Correspondence regarding electroencephalogram (EEG) machines. H MS c518. 

Guttmacher, Alan Frank, 1898- Papers, 1860s, 1898-1974.  H MS c155

Guttmacher, Manfred S. (Manfred Schanfarber), 1898-1966. Papers, 1928-1964 (inclusive). H MS c205. 


Haley, Harold B. Correspondence with Francis D. Moore, 1956-1978 (inclusive). H MS c429.

Harvard Fatigue Laboratory. Records, 1916-1952 (inclusive), 1941-1947 (bulk). RG M-CE03, Series 00132, 00300, 00301, 00302, 00303, 00304, 00305 

Harvard Medical School affiliated hospitals. Images, 1800-1980. M-CL01, Series 00159. 

Harvard Medical School Buildings and Grounds, Early Locations. Images, circa 1824-1975. M-CL02, Series 00097 

Harvard Medical School Buildings and Grounds, Longwood Avenue Quadrangle. Images, circa 1863-1998.  M-CL02, Series 00097 

Harvard Medical School Buildings and Grounds, Vanderbilt Hall and the Seeley G. Mudd Building. Images, circa 1923-1980. M-CL02, Series 00097 

Harvard Medical School Classes and Reunions. Images, circa 1883-1977. M-CL02, Series 00095 

Harvard Medical School Clubs and Associations. Photographs, circa 1855-1977. M-CL02, Series 00094

Harvard Medical School Committee on Pernicious Anemia. Records, 1927-1946 (inclusive), 1927-1929 (bulk). Archives AB 12.69 

Harvard Medical School Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. Scientific Papers and Departmental Minutes of the Harvard University Laboratory of Physical Chemistry Related to Medicine and Public Health, 1905-1967 (inclusive), 1940-1960 (bulk). RG M-SD08, Series 00256 

Harvard Medical School Department of Pharmacology. Records, 1938-1974 (inclusive). RG M-SD08, Series 00377 

Harvard Medical School. Department of Preventive Medicine and Hygiene. Sanitary Surveys, 1920-1948 (inclusive). M-SD04 Series 00064.

Harvard Medical School Departments Photographs, circa 1913-1992. M-CL02, Series 00099

Harvard Medical School Faculty and Staff Portrait Collection: A-C, 1861-1998. M-CL02, Series number 00137 

Harvard Medical School Faculty and Staff Portrait Collection: D-W, 1865-1987. M-CL02, Series number 00137 

Harvard Medical School Interiors. Images, circa 1880-1978. M-CL02, Series 00096 

Harvard Medical School Joint Program in Nuclear Medicine. Records, 1966-1997 (inclusive), 1970-1995 (bulk). RG M-CD06.01, Series 00366 

Harvard Medical School. Office of Public Affairs. Events photographs, 1965-2000. M-AD06, Series 00112. 

Harvard Medical School. Office of the Dean. Records, 1828-1904 (inclusive), 1869-1874 (bulk). (RG M-DE01)

Harvard Medical School. Office of the Dean for Academic and Clinical Programs. Records, 1970-2003. RG M-AP01 Series 00218, 00219, 00220, 00221, 00222, 00223, 00224, 00225

Harvard-MIT School of Public Health. Department of Industrial Hygiene executive administrative files, 1915-1982 (inclusive), 1915-1934 (bulk). P-DT11, Series 00908.

Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Photographs, circa 1868-1969. M-CL02, Series: 00117, 00118, and 00119 

Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Buildings, grounds, and interiors images, 1883-1965. M-CL02, Series 00115, 00116. 

Harvard School of Public Health. Buildings and Grounds, Interiors, and Subjects. Images, circa 1937-1964. M-CL02, Series 00143, 00144, 00145 

Harvard School of Public Health. Department of Biostatistics. Records, 1981-2009 (inclusive), 1999-2003 (bulk). RG P-DT06, Series 00489, 00490, 00491, 00492, 00493 

Harvard School of Public Health. Department of Environmental Health Sciences subject resource files, 1968-1973 (inclusive). P-DT16, Series 00905.

Harvard School of Public Health. Department of Maternal and Child Health executive administration files, 1914-1976 (inclusive), 1944-1976 (bulk). P-DT13, Series 00872.

Harvard School of Public Health. Department of Physiology records, 1917-1956 (inclusive). P-DT12, Series 00851, Series 00871.

Harvard School of Public Health. Department of Tropical Medicine program establishment, management and review records, 1913-1974 (inclusive), 1913-1938 (bulk). P-DT14, Series 00852. 

Harvard School of Public Health. Department of Tropical Public Health subject resource files, 1950-1985 (inclusive). P-DT17, Series 00874.

Harvard School of Public Health. Harvard Prevention Research Center. Records, 1992-2003 (inclusive), 1994-2003 (bulk). RG P-DT08.01, Series 00598, 00599.

Harvard School of Public Health. Longitudinal Studies of Child Health and Development. Records, 1918-2015 (inclusive), 1930-1989 (bulk). RG P-DT08.02, Series 00573-00577.

Harvard School of Public Health. Office of the Dean records, 1913-1996 (inclusive). P-DE01, Series 00322. (Formerly Series 00139). 

Harvard University. Cancer Commission. Records, 1888-1945. M-CE21, Series 00626-00629.

Hasan, Tayyaba. Papers, 1935-2013 (inclusive), 1970-2010 (bulk). H MS c474

Haseltine, William A. Papers, circa 1944-2008 (inclusive), 1962-2008 (bulk). H MS c359 

Hastings, Seth, 1745-1830, and Seth Hastings, Jr., 1780-1861. Commonplace books, medical records, and papers, 1772-1830 (inclusive). H MS c292

Hawes, Lloyd E., 1912-1988. Papers, circa 1870-1987 (inclusive), 1960s-1980 (bulk). H MS c207 

Hay, Elizabeth D. Papers, 1922-2007 (inclusive), 1960-2005 (bulk).  H MS c274 

Heath, Clark Wright, 1900-. Papers, 1928-1955 (inclusive). H MS c398 

Heberden, William, 1710-1801. Papers, 1740-1786 (inclusive). H MS c24. 

Heberden, William, 1767-1845. Papers, 1790-1837 (inclusive). H MS c25. 

Hedley-Whyte, E. Tessa. Papers, 1956-2006 (inclusive). H MS c320 

Heffron, Roderick, 1901-. Papers, 1881-1977 (inclusive), 1923-1949 (bulk). H MS c514.

Hegsted, D. Mark (David Mark), 1914-2009. Papers, 1952-1999 (inclusive), 1960-1978 (bulk). H MS c54 

Hertig, Arthur Tremain, 1904-. Papers, 1918-1986 (inclusive), 1922-1976 (bulk). H MS c11 

H.H. Hay & Sons. Record book, 1909-1911. H MS c573.

Hiatt, Howard H., 1925-. Papers, 1940-2001 (inclusive), 1975-2001 (bulk).  H MS c314 

Higgins, Harold Leonard. Papers, 1896-1958 (inclusive), 1913-1942 (bulk). H MS c332 

Hinton, William A. (William Augustus), 1883-1959. Papers, 1929-1990 (inclusive). H MS c652.

Holleman and Company. Correspondence and receipts, 1877-1880. H MS c209. 

Hoopes, John E., 1931-. Papers, 1940-2012 (inclusive). H MS c407

Howe Laboratory of Ophthalmology. Collected correspondence regarding, 1929. H MS c603. 

Hubel, David H. Papers, 1953-2005 (inclusive), 1966-1991 (bulk). H MS c253 


Ingbar, Mary Lee. Papers, 1946-1996. H MS c211 

Ingbar, Sidney H. Papers, 1926-1991. H MS c212 

Ingraham, Franc D. (Franc Douglas), 1898-1965.  Papers, 1933-1953 (inclusive), 1940-1949 (bulk). H MS c401 

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War records, 1957-1989 (inclusive), 1980-1987 (bulk). H MS c432 

Ingwall, Joanne S. Papers, 1961-2009 (inclusive). H MS c325 

Irving, Frederick C. (Frederick Carpenter), 1883-1957. Retirement celebration records, 1946 (bulk). H MS c382

Isaacs, Raphael, b.1891. Papers, 1757-1965 (inclusive), 1920-1965 (bulk). H MS c214 

Jackson, George H. Papers, 1917-1951 (inclusive). H MS c611. 

Jackson, Hall, 1739-1797. Papers, 1771-1810 (inclusive). H MS c14.

Jandl, James H., 1925-2006. Papers, 1922-1993 (inclusive), 1940-1993 (bulk). H MS c383 

Jarcho, Irma S. Student notebooks, 1944-1945. H MS c333 

Kalckar, Herman M. (Herman Moritz), 1908-1991. Papers, 1957-1964 , 1977 (inclusive), 1957-1960 (bulk). H MS c399. 

Kamath, Elinor. Papers, 1838-1987 (inclusive), 1956-1984 (bulk). H MS c306. 

Karnovsky, Manfred L. Papers, 1925-1998 (inclusive), 1950-1998 (bulk). H MS c403 

Kasper, Dennis L. Papers, 1971-2013. H MS c404.

Kass, Edward H. (Edward Harold), 1917- Papers, 1908-1990. H MS c168

Katchadourian, Herant A. Audio recordings of conversations with Erich Lindemann, 1972-1973 (inclusive). H MS c447. 

Katz, Fanny Bowditch, 1874-1967. Papers, 1901-1931. H MS c6 

Kazanjian, Varaztad Hovhannes. Papers, 1900-1979, 1984. H MS c51 

Kittredge, Jesseniah. Account books, 1829-1857. H MS c271. 

Kitz, Richard J. (Richard John), 1929- Papers, 1950-2004. H MS c216 

Klein, Jerome O., 1931-. Papers, 1949-2002 (inclusive). H MS c351 

Kochevar, Irene E. Papers, 1971-2015 (inclusive). H MS c575. 

Krayer, Otto, 1899-1982. Papers, 1917-1982 (inclusive), 1946-1968 (bulk). H MS c220 

Krown, Dick, 1931-. Papers relating to the Asthma Warriors comic book, 1990-1995. H MS c660.

Kruger, Judith. Letters from Robert E. Gross and David Halbersleben, 1982, 1984. H MS c520.

Lader, Lawrence. Papers, 1948-1994 (inclusive). H MS c304 

Lader, Lawrence. Papers related to The Margaret Sanger Story, 1953-1955 (bulk). H MS c525.

Lagakos, Stephen W. P apers, 1971-2009 (inclusive), 1995-2009 (bulk). H MS c338 

Langmuir, Alexander D. Papers, 1953-1972 (inclusive), 1965-1970 (bulk). H MS c316 

Leaf, Alexander, 1920- . Papers, 1962-2003 (inclusive), 1983-1999 (bulk). H MS c286 

Leake, J. P. (James Payton), 1881-1973. Student notes, 1903-1916 (inclusive). H MS c588. 

Lees, Marjorie Berman, 1923-. Papers, 1901-2007 (inclusive), 1961-1995 (bulk). H MS c310

Leder, Philip. Laboratory notebooks, 1963-1965. H MS c296. 

Letter describing the treatment of Cocoanut Grove fire victims at Boston City Hospital, 30 November 1942. H MS c480. 

Levine, Samuel A. (Samuel Albert), 1891-1966. Papers, 1908-1994, 2016-2017 (inclusive). H MS c448. 

Lewin, Michael L. Papers, 1927-1994 (inclusive). PS 16.

Lewis, Frederic Thomas, 1875-1951. Papers, 1663, 1711-1951. GA 49 

Li, Frederick P. Papers, 1961-2016 (inclusive). H MS c616.

Lindemann, Erich, 1900-1974. Papers, 1885-1991 (inclusive), 1950-1974 (bulk). H MS c219 

Lisco, Hermann. Papers, 1899-2000 (inclusive), 1940-1974 (bulk). H MS c536

Little, John B. Papers, 1855-2006 (inclusive), 1960s-2000 (bulk). H MS c302 

Lowenstein, Edward. Papers, 1967-2002 (inclusive). H MS c256 

Lown, B. (Bernard). Papers, 1933-2003 (inclusive), 1960-1995 (bulk). H MS c300 


Macmillan, Alexander S., Jr. Papers, 1942-1973 (inclusive). H MS c610. 

Madden, James C. Formulary record book, 1893-1956 (inclusive). H MS c559. 

Massachusetts General Hospital Training School for Nurses. Student photograph album, 1912-1913. H MS c438. 

Massachusetts Medical College. Notes of lectures delivered at, 1836-1837 (inclusive). H MS b117. 

Mayer, Jean, 1920-1993. Papers, 1953-1975 (inclusive), 1965-1973 (bulk). H MS c354 

McArthur, Janet W., 1914-. Papers, 1939-2005 (inclusive), 1988-2000 (bulk). H MS c326 

McCormick, Marie C. papers, 1956-2016 (inclusive), 1968-2009 (bulk). H MS c477.

McDermott, William V., 1917-2001. Papers, 1941-1999 (inclusive), 1960-1990 (bulk). H MS c554.

McLaughlin, Loretta. Research and Publication Records, 1944-1984, undated. H MS c224 

McPherson, John H.T., Jr., 1917-2001. Letter describing the treatment of Cocoanut Grove fire victims at Boston City Hospital, 30 November 1942. H MS c480

Means, James Howard, 1885-1967. Papers, 1935-1971 (inclusive). GA 54. 

Menkin, Miriam F. Papers, 1919-2003 (inclusive). H MS c452 

Merrill, Abner Little. Diploma, 1849. H MS c613. 

Minot, Charles Sedgwick, 1852-1914. Papers, 1811-1939 (inclusive), 1895-1913 (bulk). H MS c21.

Minot, George Richards, 1885-1950. Papers, 1908-1951. GA 55 

Minot, James Jackson, 1852-1938. Scrapbook, 1870-1876. H MS c298. 

Monac, Joyce E. Photographs of the Department of Environmental Health, circa 1975. H MS c621. 

Moorman, Henry D., Jr. (Henry Dean), 1918-1967). Letter describing his experiences at Boston City Hospital following the Cocoanut Grove Fire, 29 November 1942. H MS c584. 

Moreno, J. L. (Jacob Levy), 1889-1974. Papers, 1906, 1911-1977. B MS c66 

Moreno, Zerka T. Papers, 1930-2010 (inclusive), 1957-2000 (bulk). H MS c163.

Morgan, Christiana. Papers, 1925-1974. H MS c70 

Morrison, H. (Hyman), b. 1881. Papers, 1899-1970 (inclusive), 1920-1963 (bulk). H MS c339 

Mosher, Harris P. (Harris Peyton), 1867-1954. Photographs of anatomical preparations, circa 1910. H MS c606.

Moyle, Ellen L. Letter to Dr. C.I. Miller, 06 May 1895. H MS c589. 

Mueller, Charles Barber. Research records, 1947. H MS c453. 

Mumford, James Gregory. Papers, 1898-1931. H MS c602. 

Murphy, William Parry, 1892-. Papers, 1906-1987 (inclusive), 1919-1987 (bulk). H MS c284 

Murray, Joseph E., 1919-2012. Papers, 1919-2012 (inclusive). H MS c113 

Myerson, Abraham, 1881-1948. Papers and family research records, 1908-2013 (inclusive), 1921-1947 (bulk). H MS c425

Nadelson, Carol C. Papers, 1876-2013 (inclusive), 1970-2012 (bulk). H MS c394

Naquin, Howard A., 1918-1972. Letter to Henry Moorman describing his experience on D-Day, 11 June 1944. H MS c585. 

Nathan, David G., 1929-. Papers, 1949-2007 (inclusive), 1980-2007 (bulk). H MS c386 

Neer, Eva. Papers, 1960-2002 (inclusive), 1980-1999 (bulk). H MS c391 

New England Society for Vascular Surgery. Records, 1973-2005. H MS b46 

Paget, James, Sir, 1814-1899. Letter to unknown recipient, 08 November 1872. H MS c 498. 

Pardee, Arthur B. (Arthur Beck), 1921-. Papers, 1949-2001. H MS c372

Pathfinder Fund. Records, 1949-2019 (inclusive), 1954-1981 (bulk). H MS c635.

Paul, Oglesby, 1916-. Papers, 1867-2008 (inclusive), 1980-2004 (bulk). H MS c291 

Paulin, Sven. Papers, 1863-2019 (inclusive), 1950-2012 (bulk). H MS c443.

Peter Bent Brigham Hospital. Records, 1830– (inclusive), 1911–1980 (bulk). BWH c3

Pierce, Chester M. Papers, 1938-2015 (inclusive), 1960-2002 (bulk). H MS c523. 

Porter, William H. (William Henry), 1830-1894. Papers, 1849-1892. H MS c521. 

Porter, William Townsend, 1862-1949. Papers, 1851-1955. H MS c28 

Potter, David Dickinson. Papers, 1859-2014 (inclusive), 1958-2014 (bulk). H MS c542.

Putnam, James Jackson 1846-1918. Papers, 1818-1961 (inclusive), 1850-1920 (bulk). H MS c4

Putnam, Marian Cabot. Papers, 1877-1978 (inclusive), 1940s-1977 (bulk). H MS c303

Randolph, Theron G. Papers, 1929-1998. H MS c183

Reid, Lynne. M. Papers, 1933-1997 (inclusive), 1970-1995 (bulk). H MS c156 

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Roche Laboratories. Pamphlet series "The Story of Psychosomatic Medicine," 1968-1969 (inclusive). H MS c557. 

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Water cure. Sketchbook, circa 1850. H MS c248. 

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Waterhouse family. Collection of Waterhouse family papers, 1780-1871 (inclusive), 1811-1818 (bulk). H MS c17 

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Zinsser, Hans, 1878-1940. Papers, 1887-1954 (inclusive), 1898-1941 (bulk). H MS c73 

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