Alumni Publications

Harvard/ Alumni Bulletin / Harvard Magazine (1898- ).

  • The Harvard bulletin (Boston, Mass. : Published for the Harvard Alumni Association, 1898-1910).
  • Harvard alumni bulletin. (Cambridge, Mass: Harvard Alumni Association, 1910-1969).  Some content may be limited to “Search Only.”

  • Harvard bulletin.  (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard Bulletin, inc., 1969-1973). Content may be limited to “Search Only.”

  • Harvard magazine. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard magazine inc., 1973- ). Content may be limited to “Search Only.  Recent issues available online via the journal website.

The Harvard graduates' magazine. (Boston, Mass.: Harvard Graduates' Magazine Association, 1892-1934). Some content may be limited to “Search Only.”

Harvard University directory; Harvard alumni directory. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University, 1910-2010). Some content may be limited to “Search Only.”

Quinquennial catalogue of the officers and graduates of Harvard University. (Cambridge, Harvard University, 1803-1920).

Triennial Catalogues, 1674-1875. Chronological and cumulative lists of Harvard graduates published every three years from 1674 to 1875.


Harvard's military record in the world war. (Boston: Harvard Alumni Association, 1921).

Tentative list of temporary students, 1639-1800 In Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, Volume XVII, pages 271-285.

Biographical sketches of graduates of Harvard University, in Cambridge, Massachusetts [Classes 1642-1774]. By John Langdon Sibley and others. (Cambridge, Mass ; Boston, Mass : various publishers: 1873-1999). See additional online content here. Some content may be limited to “Search Only.”

  • Note: v.1 (1642-1658), v.2 (1659-1677), v.3 (1678-1700), v.4 (1690-1770), v.5 (1701-1712), v.6 (1713-1721), v.7 (1722-1725), v.8 (1726-1730), v.9 (1731-1735), v.10 (1736-1740), v.11 (1741-1745), v.12 (1746-1750), v.13 (1751-1755), v.14 (1756-1760), v.15 (1761-1763), v.16 (1764-1767), v.17 (1768-1771) and v.18 (1772-1774).


Harvard Graduate School of Education Alumni Bulletin/ Ed Magazine (1956-).