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Citations to the Chemical Literature: Patents

Citations to Patents

1. ICI, GB 1407311, 1973 (N. Hughes, J. Leng).

Elements of this citation are: Patent assignee, in this case a company, ICI; Patent country code and number, (GB=Great Britain); Date; Inventor(s). Patent title is missing.


2. Total synthesis of taxol and taxol analogs By Nicolaou, K. C.; Yang, Zhen; Liu, Jin Jun; Ueno, Hiroaki; Nantermet, Philippe G. From U.S. (1995), US 5461169 A 19951024. Language: English, Database: CAPLUS

This is a patent citation from SciFinder  database. Elements in this citation: Title, Inventors, Country, Date, Country Code and Patent Number, Application Number,  Language, Source of reference. No patent assignee is given, but a quick check at the US Patent Office website list the assignee as The Scripps Institute.


3. Electrochemical pH measurement By Lawrence, Nathan S.; Crawford, Lynne From U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2014), US 20140332398 A1 20141113.  |  Language: English, Database: CAPLUS

This is another SciFinder citation. This time to a US patent application. Elements are Title, Inventors, Country, Date, Application Number. The application number 20140332398 includes the year submitted.


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