How to access the Charlie Archive Collection ?

Charlie Archive Collection at the Harvard Library is a new type of crowd sourced, multi-dimensional and composite archive that includes various type of content: mainstream publishing output, the print Ephemera, born-digital materials and the Web publishing.  Materials in the collection can be accessed in Hollis+, the Harvard Library catalog and the Finding Aid.  

A Hollis search with "Charlie Archive Collection at the Harvard Library" as an author : books, videos, journals/serials, archives/mss, dissertations.
A Hollis search with "Charlie Archive Collection at the Harvard Library" as a title : the same results PLUS the images.

A Hollis + search with keywords "Charlie Hebdo" can also allow you to consult many articles written on the subject, but not strictly included in Charlie Archive.

Finding Aid

The Charlie Archive Collection is composed of a large variety of manuscript, printed and digital materials such as :

I. Ephemera (artwork,  posters and miscellaneous)

II. Publications

III. Digital images

IV. Digital Videos (Faculty Oral History Project, Student Oral History Project and other Digital Videos donated by various donors)

V. Archived Web Sites

VI. Audiovisual materials        




Born-digital images are available online and are directly discoverable via the Hollis catalog. The video recordings are available online directly from the Harvard Digital Repository. The mainstream print publications are shelved in the Widener stacks or at the HD/Harvard Depository. The Physical Ephemera is also shelved offsite at the HD.  


Even if some issues of periodicals can be found in the Charlie Archive Collection, the list is not exhaustive and these are numbers published in the immediate aftermath of the attack.

In complement to this content, you can find in this Research Guide a selection of scholarly articles, on the Charlie Hebdo magazine, Media and political satire, Freedom of speech, Terrorist attacks, Religion, society and laicism, and Societal issues, all published in periodicals that can be found in the Harvard collections.


Another important component of the Charlie Archive Collection are books, partly a mainstream published collections, partly a highly curated selection of published materials that have been donated to the collection or nominated for inclusion and acquired by the Western Languages Division.

A short bibliography can be found in this Research guide.

The Harvard Library collection includes published materials that are also part of the Charlie Archive collection. These items are discoverable in the library catalog under the series title "Charlie Archive Collection at Harvard Library". As is customary for finding aids and given the large number of publications, items from this series are not listed in the Charlie Archive Collection Finding Aid.

Search strategy : if you are looking for monographs only, we suggest you two possibilities, using Hollis Classics :

  • 1st possibility

In Hollis Classics, you can search directly for: “Charlie Archive Collection at the Harvard Library”:

Then, click on :

And view results :

  • 2nd possibility

Once you have identified a title in HOLLIS Classics that belongs to the Charlie Archive collection, click on the link (cf. below):

Then, click on: “Charlie Archive Collection at the Harvard Library”.

And view results. You can sort them by year of publication, author, title, etc.