About this Guide

This resource guide has been designed for students in Joan Feinberg's Spring 2023 Extension School writing seminar.

image of canoe boats filled with food in the Solomon Islands, a phenomenon known as floating marketsThe resources and strategies described on this page are specifically targeted and are meant to be representative, rather than selective. They represent our first best guesses at where you'll like find the "few good things" you need on the themes of future foods or food and climate change.

Remember that good research is often about following up on hunches, testing out a hypothesis and then seeing where else (or to what else) it leads. If you hit a dead-end, that's normal: redirecting yourself or finding an alternative solution to the research problem you're confronted with is part of the process.

Your ability to use language well and flexibly is also critical. Searching depends on words. So use language creatively and flexibly. You may even need to try several search combinations before you strike gold. That's normal, too.

Let me know how I can help as your work your research essay proceeds. We can triage by email or have a longer conversation on Zoom.

Enjoy your research adventure!

Sue Gilroy, Librarian for Undergraduate Writing Programs, Lamont Library

Image above: Floating Markets, Solomon Islands, June 24, 2004. Paul Cater Deaton, NOAA, via Flickr (CCX2.0)