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Hutchins Center Fellows Remote Research Guide

Fall 2020 edition

The Library Landscape at Harvard

Welcome to the Hutchins Center, to Harvard University, and to the Harvard Libraries -- from wherever you are living and working in these extraordinary times.  

Were you in residence here in Cambridge, we'd be meeting up in person in Widener Library. We'd take you around the building and into the stacks, explain our services, and introduce you to physical and digital collections.

What's changed is your venue. You'll still have extraordinary, if not total, access to our collections and archives. Moreover, at your fingertips will be what's arguably the Harvard Library's most important asset: its people. A vast and varied community of librarians, with language, subject, and technological expertise, are ready to work with you at any and every stage of your fellowship experience.

This guide is an effort to smoothe the way for you as your Fellowship begins and help you make the most of your experience here at Harvard.

Have a look at it ahead of our Zoom orientation on September 10, 2020 at 1:00 p.m. and bring your questions with you!  

And in the meantime, if you're interested, we offer you three other ways to  "situate" yourself at Harvard:

Learn more about the history of our flagship research library

Walk through our space via this 3D rendering

Register for a student-led, one hour introduction to campus, campus history, and the Harvard experience

We wish you good health and a productive Fellowship experience and we invite you to be in touch! 



Sue Gilroy, Research Librarian
Harvard College Library



Emily Bell, Research Librarian
Harvard College Library