Indigenous Language Research Guide

This guide is for those interested in finding resources on Indigenous languages at Harvard and beyond. This guide understands the term “Indigenous” in its globally applied usage and will highlight Indigenous languages from around world.

This guide is broken into the following sections:

  • How to search HOLLIS for language material
  • Harvard Language Research Guides and Projects
  • Indigenous Language Databases and Dictionaries
  • Indigenous Language Film
  • Indigenous Language Journals
  • Revitalization Projects and Centers

If users believe there are relevant collections or materials missing from this guide, please let the guide author know as this guide is a continual work in progress.


This guide would like to acknowledge that Harvard University is located on the traditional and ancestral land of the Massachusett, the original inhabitants of what is now known as Boston and Cambridge. We pay respect to the people of the Massachusett Tribe, past and present, and honor the land itself which remains sacred to the Massachusett People.

Additionally, between 1636 and 1783, more than 70 individuals were enslaved by Harvard leaders, faculty, and staff. May we honor their memory, and the memory of all the enslaved women, men, and children whose labor generated wealth that helped create the Harvard we know today.

Additional information on land acknowledgements and Harvard's history of slavery can be read on the Native Governance Center, HUNAP's Acknowledgement of Land and People statement, and Harvard's Legacy with Slavery Report.