Until the online JPRS indexing and reports became available, there was no single index that could be used for gaining access to all JPRS reports.  After 1968 the Transdex_indexes were the most useful and comprehensive.  Locating JPRS material prior to 1969 was more difficult and often several indexes needed to be consulted because none was comprehensive for this tiem period.

Note: Prior to 1978 all JPRS reports are filed by Monthly Catalog number.  Because this number is not provides by many of the major indexes to JPRS, a second guide must be used to Convert JPRS numbers to Monthly Catalog numbers.  (Index to Readex Microprint Edition of JPRS Index Film 30.10, Lamont Level D)


1974+   TRANSDEX Bell and Howell   (monthly) 1987+   Index Film 30.13 (Lamont level D)

                                                   (annual)   1974+   Microfiche S 104 (Lamont level D)

   Transdex is a comprehensive index to current JPRS reports which gives complete bibliographic data and includes the following points:

  • KWOC (Keyword out of Context)--derives keywords from titles or individual articles, countries, and geographic areas, tables of contents, as well as additional assigned descriptors.

  • Personal Names--used as the subject or as the author of an article.

  • Series--provides a table of contents for each series title.

  • Geographic Abbreviations List--shows how Transdex indexes a country name (e.g. Federal Republic of Germany = West-Germany).





1969-1973   TRANSDEX   CCM Information Corp.   Index Film 30.12 (Lamont level D)

                        (1969-1971 volumes are called JPRS Catalog Cards)

   Less comprehensive than Bell and Howell's Transdex, this index contains no keyword index, and the subject index references articles only by broad subject area.  A separate country index provides an alphabetical list of JPRS titles available from each country.  This series also includes a bibliographic listing, author indes, and serial/title index.


1958+   Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications   Documents (Lamont) REF Z1223 A18x

   Though inconsistent and sometimes incomplete, the Monthly Catalog is probabaly the most useful retrieval tool for the period prior to 1968 owing to the paucity of other indeses produced for this period.  (The 1964 Catalog alone lists 5.517 JPRS documents.)

   Prior to 1963 only 80% of JPRS publications are indexed by this source, and after 1968 fewer and fewer reports are indexed and the Catalog is less useful.   The major drawback to this index is that sometimes individual titles are not indexed separately, but grouped together under a serial heading (e.g. "Translations on Latin America"). followed by a string of nonconsecutive JPRS numbers, which must be looked up individually in the abstract section of the Catalog to determine the subject of each report. This problem is especially common after 1965.


1957 - 1977   Index to Readex Microprint Edition of JPRS   Index Film 30.10 (Lamont Level D)

   The sole function of this index is to convert JPRS numbers to Monthly Catalog numbers in order to locate JPRS reports that were published prior to 1978.


1959 - 1967   Technical Translations   Countway & McKay

   This source contains separate indexes by report number, journal name, and author for scientific and technical materials translated by JPRS.  It is arranged according to broad subject classification, which makes subject access difficult.  (Also available in microprint indexed the Monthly Catalog.)


1970 - 1996   Government Reports Index   HD, Countway, & McKay

   A selective list of non-serial technical publications.  


late 1957 - early 1960   Contemporary China: a Bibliography of Reports on China published by the United States Joint Publications Research Service / edited by Richard Sorich   Index Film 30.8 (Lamont Level D)

   This bibliography contains a comprehensive list of titles, a brief description of the contents of each title and a Monthly Catalog number, which can be used to locate a document in the Readex microprint collection.  This ources also provides a short subject index to the list of titles and an alphabetical list of serial publications.


1957 - 1961    North Vietnam, 1957-1961; a bibliography and guide to contents of a collection of United States Joint Publications Research Service translations on microfilm, compiled and edited by Theodore E. Kyriak.   Index Film 30.6 (Lamont Level D)

   This guide is divided into four broad categories: economics, politics, press reports, and sociological reports.  It includes a brief description of individual reports and provides JPRS numbers.  (See the the Index to Readex Microprint to convert JPRS numbers to Monthly Catalog numbers.)