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Irish Legal Research

Primary and secondary materials useful in researching the law of Ireland.


Scope of This Guide

This guide lists sources for Irish legal research available at HLSL, HU, and public sites. It does not address sources for Northern Ireland (UK).

Brexit has created legal issues impacting Ireland. For a summary of Brexit-related issues concerning Ireland, please see this explainer on Ireland and Brexit from the UK government and this page on Brexit from the Irish government. Additional materials on Ireland and Brexit can be explored through HOLLIS. This is a link to HOLLIS results to find additional sources on Ireland and Brexit.

Main Irish Law Database

Best Bet for Irish Legal Research

Print Collection Locations

Call Number Range for Irish Legal Materials

The print collection of Irish law is in the Reading Room on the north end. The library collects major case reporters and legal treatises. 

Law of Ireland (Eire)  KDK 21-1950

HOLLIS Searches

Constitution and Statutes



Unlike United States jurisdictions, Ireland does not codify their statutes into subject-arranged publications. Statutes are individually amended and retain their original title and date.


Citators and Research Aids

Historical Statutes and Background on Early Irish Law

Before 1921, Statutes which applied to Ireland included UK statutes which originally applied to Ireland, or those UK statutes extended to Ireland by the Irish Parliament. For the period of 1800-1921, the Union period, statutes applying to Ireland are in the Public General Acts of the UK parliament. 

Parliamentary Materials

Parliamentary Documents and Debate

Executive and Administrative Materials

Statutory Instruments


Prime Minister (Taoisigh) and Departments





Historical Cases

Courts and Court Rules


Court Rules

Secondary Sources

Good Options for Current, Topical Research

Treatise Collections

The library collects major treatises on Irish law. While many can be found on the shelf, some are not yet processed and may be accessed through HOLLIS. Use the link below and then "add a line" to add subject keywords to find works relevant to your topic.

Law Journals

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