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Docket & Litigation Analytics Databases Trial

Through early 2025, the Harvard Law School Library is providing trial access to current HLS affiliates to Docket Alarm, Lex Machina and Trellis.

Docket Database Registration Instructions

See below for instructions for access to 


We would love to hear about your experience using these databases. Please email any comments to

Docket Alarm


  • You must be on campus to register.
  • On an HLS computer or connected to the HLS Secure Wifi, go to (do not connect to the VPN).
  • Sign up using your HLS email address.
  • You should see a popup asking you to join the Harvard billing group. Join that group. If you see a pop-up asking you to pay, contact


  • Federal and selected state dockets and filings.
  • Federal and state litigation alerts.
  • Access to all documents and dockets included in the Docket Alarm system.
  • Access to search alerts.


  • You will not be able to set up alerts for federal dockets.
  • You will not be able to update dockets or request documents not already in the database. 

Lex Machina


  • Access requires an HLS Lexis account.
  • Access via the nine-dot product switcher in Lexis.


  • Federal and selected state dockets and documents.
  • Search and docket alerts.
  • Ability to update dockets and request documents.
  • Federal and state litigation analytics.


  • State coverage currently includes selected counties from 10 states.



  • Access via Harvard Key using HOLLIS link.
  • You can also create an individual account using your HLS email if you need individual alerts. 
    • This must be done on a non-Harvard network.
    • You cannot create an individual account onsite.


  • State dockets and documents.
  • Search and docket alerts on an individual account.
  • State-based litigation analytics.


  • Does not include federal cases.
  • Includes L.A. County, CA and Cook County, IL.
  • If a document is electronically available but not already in Trellis, there may be a charge to access it.