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Food Policy and Sound Zones at the HLS Library


To make expectations clear, the HLS Library has established a Food & Drinks Policy and Sound Zones for specific activities throughout our space.

Whether you need to snack, hydrate, study quietly, work with a group, or take a phone call or video interview, this guide will help you find out what's okay to do and where.

Subject Guide

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Mindy Kent
Harvard Law School Library
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Food & Drinks Policy

Effective Fall 2021

Eating & Drinking 

At this time, eating  on campus is allowed only in designated areas or outdoors.

Please see the Law School's Return to Campus guidelines for a list of designated eating and drinking areas. 


Non-alcoholic drinks in covered containers are permitted throughout Library spaces with the exception of:

  • The Caspersen Room
  • The Root Room

Sound Zones

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Quiet Zones

Areas for quiet reading and study. Please keep noise to a minimum and take conversations to other zones.

Stairwells and other nooks are quiet zones, as sound in them carries to other areas.

• Caspersen Room and Root Room
• Langdell Hall stacks and carrels
• Reading Room

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Collaboration Zones 

Areas for working in groups or talking quietly with others.

The others you talk or work with must be present in the room! Please take calls to phone zones.

• 2nd floor study rooms and booths
• 3rd floor Reference & Research Services  space

• 3rd floor group study rooms (available to students after business hours)
• 3rd floor conference room (available to students after business hours)


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Phone Zones

Phone Zones are the only areas where talking on phones is permitted. 

Please keep ringers on silent throughout the Library.

• 2d floor phone booths
• 3rd floor elevator lobby phone booths