Welcome and About this Guide

This resource guide has been designed for students in Isabel Lane's Spring 2024 Expos course, Is it Okay to be a Luddite? 

The resources and strategies described on this page are specifically targeted: they represent our first best guesses at where you might find scholarly information to inform your Unit 2 essays.

Remember that good research often begins with hunches and hypotheses: about where an academic conversation is happening,and about what words and search strings might surface it. Good researching is also about being observant as you consider where else (or to what else) your initial reading may lead you. And good research is all about patience:you may need to try severalcombinations of search terms before you strike gold.

Reach out anytime if you have questions: we'll triage by email or set up a time to meet in Lamont.

Enjoy your research adventure!

Sue Gilroy, Librarian for Undergraduate Writing Programs, Lamont Library, Room



Image, right: Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash