This resource guide has been designed by the Harvard Library for students in Professor Ricky Martin's Fall 2023 Identity Pre-capstone course. On a high level, it aims to point you toward subject databases that will complement or supplement information you may already uncovered via HOLLIS, Google Scholar, and JSTOR searching.

Please feel free to contact any of the librarians listed below. Expertise is distributed across the logo harvard extension school library research course guidesHarvard Libraries -- but as an Extension School student, that expertise is at your service, no matter where you hail from. 

If questions about finding, accessing, or managing information arise at any point in your project, librarians are your lifelines!

Librarians will triage by email, meet you in person (if you are in the Cambridge area) or set up a a Zoom consult at a time that works for you.

Enjoy your work!

Sue Gilroy, Research Librarian and Liaison to Social Studies, WGS, AAAS, and Expository Writing, Lamont Library

Michael Leach, Collections Librarian and Liaison to Psychology, Cabot Science Library

Susan Gilman, Research Librarian and Library Director, Tozzer Anthropology Library

Ramona Crawford, Research Librarian for South Asia, Widener Library 

Virtual Research Appointments, Gutman Education Library, Harvard