This guide is meant to offer you a first point of entry into major resources for accessing scholarly sources in the Harvard research environment.  

The intent is neither to be comprehensive nor finely grained -- we want to give you just enough to encourage exploration  and help your gain confidence, without overwhelming you with choices.

Research is about hypothesis-making and testing and for that reason, you'll find that it's more iterative than linear. As your project develops and your thinking deepens and expands, other tools, other kinds of information, and other search techniques might need to be added to this knowledge base.

Feel free to contact me, at any point in the process, whenever questions arise.  I may not have the answer myself, but I'll know which Harvard librarians have the expertise you're after and will put you in touch with them. This guide also lists librarians by their subject focus, in case you want to reach out on you own!

Enjoy your work!

Sue Gilroy Research Librarian, Lamont Library