Streaming Video by Type


Streaming Video Resources A-Z

Alexander Street: Follow this link to search across all twenty-one of Harvard's video databases from this vendor.
American History in Video: Newsreels, interviews, and documentaries spanning the history of Europeans in North America
ArtFilms Digital: Documentaries about the arts, as well as concert and performance films.
BBC Drama: A selection of classic and modern dramas, from Sophocles' Theban plays to Michael Frayn's Copenhagen
Black Studies in Video: A portfolio of documentaries, interviews, and archival footage surveying the Black experience
Broadway HD: Broadway musicals, comedies, and dramas
Classical Performance in Video: Mostly live performances, but some interviews and documentaries as well
Dance in Video: Productions of all types of dance, plus some documentaries
Digital Theatre Plus: Filmed productions, interviews and workshops, and theory and criticism
Digitalia Film Library: Collection of documentaries and feature films; strong on Latin American content
Docuseek2: Almost 1,800 issues-based documentary films
Electronic Arts Intermix: Videos by some of the major avant garde artists of the 20th & 21st centuries
Ethnographic Video Online: Ethnographic films, documentaries, feature films, and previously unpublished fieldwork
EVIA Digital Archive: Ethnographic video collection with strong metadata
Film Platform: Documentary films from across the world
Filmakers Library Online: Wide range of documentary films
The HistoryMakers: African American video oral history
Ideas Roadshow: Interviews with leading scholars across the disciplines
Independent World Cinema: more than 400 films produced from the early 20th century to today
Journal of Visualized Experiments (JOVE): Video articles from all science disciplines
Kanopy: A wide-ranging collection of classics, independent films, and documentaries. If you find a film on Kanopy that isn’t available to Harvard users, and you need to view it for research or teaching purposes, please submit a Purchase Request.
Latin America in Video: Original language documentaries from Latin America. Note: the English-language transcripts are often incomprehensible.
LGBT Studies in Video: Documentaries, interviews, archival footage, and features exploring LGBT history & culture
LinkedIn Learning: Training videos in computer software, web design, audio/visual tools, and much more
The March of Time: Newsreels from 1935-1967, restored and searchable Classical music concerts live and on-demand, plus many documentaries
Meet the Press: More than 1800 episodes of the weekly television news and interview program, starting in 1947
Met Opera on Demand: Operas from The Metropolitan Opera viewable on demand
National Theatre Online: Thirty filmed performances from London's National Theatre, with costume designs, prompt scripts, and other supporting materials
New World Cinema: Independent feature films and shorts from 1990-present
OnArchitecture: Videos of buildings and interviews with architects, artists and curators a collection of contemporary performance films featuring over fifty major artists
Opera in Video: Filmed performances, interviews, and documentaries
Pidgeon Digital: Interviews and presentations by famous architects from the 1950s to today
PBS Video Collection: Documentaries from PBS, including Ken Burns, NOVA, Frontline, and more
Qwest TV: Concert footage of jazz, blues, hip hop, and world music. Curated by Quincy Jones.
Routledge Performance Archive: Interviews, performances, workshops, and documentaries
Royal Shakespeare Company Collection HD recordings of Shakespeare's plays
Russian Film Hub Rich collection of Russian films from the silent era to the present
Shakespeare's Globe on Screen
Socialism on Film: The Cold War and International Propaganda: documentaries, newsreels and features from Communist countries in the 20th century
Stage on Screen: performances of Doctor Faustus, The Duchess of Malfi, The School for Scandal, and Volpone
Theatre in Video: Performances, interviews, documentaries of worldwide theater
Vanderbilt Television News Archive: U.S. television news broadcasts from 1968 to the present
World History in Video: Documentaries spanning world history from earliest civilizations to now
World Newsreels Online: Collection of international newsreels from the early 20th century

Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, etc

Most of the major consumer streaming platforms don't offer subscriptions to institutions. Among others, these include:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • HBOgo
  • MUBI
  • Fandor

You'll need to rely on individual subscriptions to access these platforms.