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Expos 20: The Underworld: Home

A Research Guide

For further assistance,contact:

Steve Kuehler, Research Librarian

You're to select a recent primary text that depicts Hell or the Underworld (a film, TV show, story, novel, poem, play, or nonfiction essay). Then, using at least four secondary sources that you find on your own, you'll make an argument about how that text uses the concept of hell, as well as famous hell themes and archetypes, to reckon with a difficult reality in the external world.

Possible secondary sources:

  • Film, TV, and book reviews and criticism
  • News articles
  • Books, articles, and book chapters (scholarly and popular)

Three directions for research:

  • Your particular Hell text
  • Theories or ideas that you can apply to your text
  • The real-world issue that your text addresses