For the 2024 Spring Semester, AfricaGSD, in collaboration with UNSEEN, a project funded by the Wellbeing Project Fund and the MIT Black Student Group, hosted a mixer to connect and learn more about the places we call home. Our mission is to curate an open-access bibliography highlighting literature reflecting the countries, cities, or buildings we call home. It is an opportunity to discuss design from a non-academic perspective and broadly look at it from the lens of black creatives telling stories about the places they've been or the places they imagine our community to be. 

We want this open library to serve as a space for the GSD community to learn about the places members of our community represent. Through the Spring 2024 semester, the library will be hosted on the lower level of the Frances Loeb Library. Feel free to add a country or city we missed. Let's celebrate and honor the diverse narratives that shape our understanding of home and design. 

We invite the GSD community to submit recommendations and contribute to this project!

Open Library