Top Pick: Oxford Bibliographies Online

Add this database to the research toolkit you're starting to assemble for yourself. Oxford Bibliographies Online will come handy for lots of academic projects you'll undertake here. OBOs are selective (not comprehensive) reading lists, put together and annotated by scholars, and they are regularly reviewed and when necessary, updated.

Often the situation you face in information seeking isn't a lack of resources, but rather, knowing what to prioritize in your reading, and which scholars have done most to push the research conversation forward. OBO helps you listen in.

Examples of entries that might be useful for broad topics related to course themes:

Abolitionst Futures: Core Readings List

Abolitionist Futures is a collaboration of community organizers and activists in Britain and Ireland "who are working together to build a future without prisons, police and punishment."

Since 2018, it has produced an annual Abolitionist Reading List to spark discussion of key issues.

The 2022 Core Reading List is organized by topic. It also links to other abolitionist reading lists on the web.