Key Steps for a General Hollis Search

FIND MATERIALS:  Search for Resources Books, Films, Posters, Photographs, Newspapers, Maps, Journal Articles, etc


FIND TOPICS: Search for Topics of interest and key words that relate to your subject. You can think of this as using Hollis to gather a string of material for a topics that relate to the conversations scholars are having across that topic.  (For example:  Youth Movement - Student Movement- Spain---Chile.)

#1:  Don't forget to LOGIN with your Harvard ID

#2. BASIC SEARCH If you already know the specific item you are looking for (i.e you have the title or author)

  ADVANCED SEARCH, if you are browsing a topic

#3.  Select LIBRARY CATALOG, rather than EVERYTHING, to narrow your search to Harvard Material

#4. Enter KEY TERM

#5.  Modify search by FACETS (right side menu)

  • Language
  • Publication Data Range
  • Source
  • Library Collection (i.e. Widener, Archive, Loeb Music Library)

#6.  Receive Item

  • Online:  An electronic copy is available immediately
  • Get It: Will be delivered to the library of your choice
  • Off Site:  Item is stored at the the Harvard Depository (HD) and will be retrieved
  • InterLibrary Loan
  • Borrow Direct
  • Request Purchase

#7.  PERMALINK: Email or Save Search for the future (or to send to your professor.)