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GENED 1170: Confronting COVID-19

This guide is intended to provide resources for students as they prepare their final podcast assignment for this class.
  • What are you curious about?
  • What do you already know?
  • What is something you may not know about?
  • Start anywhere! Literally anywhere...Google, Wikipedia, your grandma...Ask questions!

Video_ Choosing your topic The University of Houston Libraries This video shows you how to get from a fuzzy idea to a tangible topic.

Arriving at Your Research Topic

Mind Mapping

Online apps are available, but simple paper and pen will do for getting your brain organized around your topic. Jot down what aspects of the topic you are most interested in. Begin thinking about relationships between your concepts.

Research is Messy

Browse Resource Guides

Covid-19 Research on Black American Experiences
Fields:  Arts, Social Sciences, Health Data
COVID-19 Research on Indigenous Peoples' Experiences
Fields:  Arts, Social Sciences, Health Data
Covid -19 Resources for Asian & Asian Americans
Fields:  Social Sciences, Health Data
Covid-19 & Countway Medical Library Resources 
Fields:  Arts, Social Sciences, Health Data

Take Notes!

As you brainstorm about your topic and explore various information resources, take copious notes:

  • What words are used to describe a concept, an idea, a person?
    • health care worker, nurse, caretaker...
    • disease, pandemic, COVID-19, corona virus...
    • health crisis, global pandemic...
  • What perspective and voices are left out?
  • How are statistics represented?
  • Who is considered an authority on a given perspective?
  • How is information presented?
    • personal stories
    • statistics
    • scientific research

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