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Everyday Life in Cold War Berlin: News Sources

A Research Guide

News from Berlin in English Translation

The Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) was a U.S. government office, created during World War II to translate foreign news sources for intelligence purposes. The sources included German newspapers and radio stations. In this online database, you can limit a search by country and date range, and search for keywords in the English translations of articles and broadcasts.

Example: I limited my search to Germany and the German Democratic Republic, with a date range between 1955 and 1990. I searched for the word food in the titles of reports from that period.

Translated transcript of a report from the Deutschlandsender radio station in Berlin, 1955. The report concludes with the story of a food shop manager who was fired because she falsely told her customers the shop was out of flour.

Berlin Newspapers on Microfilm

Neue Zeitung -- "An American Newspaper for the German People" -- Many prominent German writers and intellectuals contributed to this important paper between 1945 and 1955.

Neues Deutschland -- Launched in 1946 as the official newspaper of the Socialist Unity Party, which governed the German Democratic Republic until 1989.