We can help you:

  • get started on a digital project - developing a clear approach and finding resources available to you 
  • discuss how to increase the visibility of your work, measure its impact, and find collaborators  
  • learn best practices for organizing, preserving, and making your research data accessible 
  • find copyright-free images, videos, and multimedia content for your project, paper, presentation, capstone, or dissertation 
  • understand your copyrights as an author, teacher, learner, and researcher 
  • identify publications or conference venues to share your work 
  • learn about the peer review publishing and editorial process 
  • be connected to other campus resources such as visualization and data analysis services 

We do this by offering:

Getting Started on a Digital Project

We think the following five questions are key to any successful digital project. They can be asked at the beginning of a project or in the middle or a project if you think need to assess or adjust your approach.

  1. What is the name or title of your project? Can you provide a basic description or abstract of your project  in five sentences or less?
  2. What is your expected start date? What is the expected length of this project?
  3. Do you have funding? What are your funding sources? If you do not have funding, are you in the process of securing funding?
  4. Is there an existing technological platform that suits your project’s needs? Do you have examples of existing projects with a similar content or design?
  5. Who is creating the project's content? Or where is the project content being drawn from?

If you need help answering any of these key questions or others, please book a Digital Scholarship Appointment. A Gutman librarian can help you brainstorm ideas, consider additional questions and considerations, and explore resources available to you.

You can also download an editable Microsoft Word copy of these questions for your own use, directly below.

Past Projects

Here are some examples of past collaborations and projects we've supported in the HGSE community. Please book a Digital Scholarship Appointment if you are interested in learning how Gutman Library can help your project.

  • Reviewing publishing contracts with faculty and student authors and discussing how to best retain their copyrights
  • Conducting "CV scrapes" for faculty authors and research centers to help facilitate upload of open access copies of their journal articles and book chapters into DASH
  • Consulting with the HGSE Solidarity Collective for Black Lives on a tool and platform to help manage its Anti-Oppressive, BIPOC, Critical Scholars Reading List
  • Helping the Arts in Education Ed.M. program choose a digital exhibits platform for its annual student art exhibit