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LRW Research Resources



This guide provides supplemental resources for students working on the LRW writing projects and should be used in conjunction with the Legal Research Strategy Guide and the reading materials posted in your Canvas Course modules in weeks six, seven, and eight.

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Database Training

To learn more about the different legal research platforms visit:

Research Strategy

Research Strategy

To review research strategy please visit:

You can track your progress using:



The following can be used to help organize your research:

Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources

To learn more about secondary sources visit:


Use the following drop down menu to view GIF files that demonstrate how to find specific secondary sources in Westlaw and Lexis.

Legal Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Lexis Dictionary

Running Time: 12 seconds


Westlaw Dictionary

Running Time: 19 seconds


Westlaw Encyclopedias

Running Time: 23 seconds


Lexis Treatises

Running Time: 13 seconds


Westlaw Treatises

Running Time: 25 seconds

American Law Reports (ALR)

Lexis American Law Reports

Running Time: 12 seconds


Westlaw American Law Reports

Running Time: 18 seconds


Lexis American Law Reports

Running Time: 10 seconds


Westlaw American Law Reports

Running Time: 23 seconds

Westlaw & Lexis Handouts

Primary Authority


Case Finding

Westlaw & Lexis Handouts

Advanced Searching

Westlaw & Lexis Handouts

Tips for Specific Advanced Search Functions

Updating Your Research

Updating Your Research

Westlaw & Lexis Handouts

Westlaw Precision [New!]

Ask Your Librarian

Librarian Instructors

Feeling stuck?  Contact your library instructor.

Section 1 

Lesliediana Jones  

Section 2

Kyle Courtney  

Section 3 

Michelle Pearse  

Section 4 

Jocelyn Kennedy  

Section 5

Catherine Biondo  

Section 6 

Debbie Ginsberg & Juan Andres Fuentes  

Section 7 

AJ Blechner  

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