Digital Scholarship

Key Contact: Carol Kentner

Digital Scholarship is about using the internet and online tools and platforms to create and share new knowledge that drives change and positively impacts the public good.  As the Digital Scholarship Librarian, Carol partners with departments, research groups and project teams to clarify parameters and platforms that help support creation, collaboration and communication of new scholarship, resources, and information. Please contact Carol  to setup a consultation.

Research Collections

Key Contacts: Julie Petzold and Rebecca Martin

Purchase Requests

Gutman Library welcomes faculty suggestions or requests for new books, e-books, journals, films, data sets, databases and platforms through our purchase request form. General questions or comments about the development of the Gutman Library collection, alignment with faculty research areas and the curriculum, can be sent to Rebecca Martin.

Access and Circulation Services

Gutman Library partners closely with Harvard Library to provide services like Borrow Direct, Harvard Direct, Scan & Deliver, interlibrary loan, and distance delivery services. You can leverage most of these services from within HOLLIS and learn more about them in our FAQs. General questions or comments about access to the physical collection can be sent to Julie Petzold.

Research Data Management

Key Contact: Lindsay Skay Whitacre

Research data management (RDM) is the organization, storage, preservation, and sharing of data1 collected and used in a research project. It involves the everyday management of research data during the lifetime of a research project (for example, using consistent file naming conventions). It involves decisions about how data will be preserved and shared after the project is completed (for example, depositing the data in a repository for long-term archiving and access). Please contact Lindsay to setup a consultation

1Data are items of recorded information considered either collectively for reference and/or analysis. 


Key Contact: Rebecca Martin

Need help interpreting an author's publishing contract or deciding which journal is best suited for your research? Rebecca is happy to meet with you to discuss all of this and more about scholarly communication, including DASH. Contact Rebecca to setup a consultation.

Special Collections

Key Contact: Carla Lillvik

Spanning two centuries, Gutman’s Special Collections offers rich and varied resources the history of schooling and learning in America. Contact Carla to discuss how to identify and access materials to support your research. 

Systematic Reviews

Key Contact: Carla Lillvik

For teams working on evidence syntheses, contact Carla to increase the quality of your review. She can provide advice on workflows, research management, database identification, and search strategies.