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Expos 20 | Civil and Uncivil Disobedience


Other Vistas Beyond HOLLIS

Academic Search Premier:  an excellent database to rummage around in after you've sampled what articles are available in a HOLLIS "everything" search.

Academic Search Premier is, like HOLLIS, multidisciplinary in its coverage, also provides you with a range of article types (some scholarly, some not).

But while still broad, it's a smaller universe than HOLLIS: you'll search across books, articles, and book reviews. Depending on your topic, searching in ASP may seem more manageable. 


Google Scholar

Familiar and current, it also searches full-text, which makes it different from the other databases (including HOLLIS) on this guide. 

Full-text searching can be an advantage when you've got a very narrow topic or are seeking a "nugget" that traditional database searching can't surface easily. 

Google Scholar is perfectly acceptable for most general forays into scholarship; its algorithms are excellent and do return relevant results. 


NOTE: One simple change can turn Google Scholar into what's effectively a Harvard database -- with links to the full-text of articles that the library can provide. Here's what to do: 

  • Look to the left of the GS screen and click on the "hamburger" (); then click on 
  • Look at the new menu that now displays on the left side of the screen. Choose LIBRARY LINKS.
  • Then type Harvard University into the search box and save your choice.  As long as you allow cookies, the settings will keep.