Archive IN/IN

IN/IN (International Intersectional Feminism 2023) and the Frances Loeb Library are launching Archive IN/IN in celebration of International Women's Day (March 8). We have collected and newly acquired a total of over 100 titles encompassing issues surrounding feminism to highlight the works of women designers, architects, and thinkers. The books are organized into 11 categories, which are listed below along with Womxn in Design's recommendations.

These categories are purposefully interdisciplinary, rather than explicitly related to architecture, to encourage a holistic approach in determining what constitutes as "design discourse." Instead, we hope readers ask themselves, What have I read that has shaped my values as a designer? What has encouraged me to think about the built environment differently? What are methods from other fields that I believe should be incorporated into design processes?

Activism, Pedagogy & Care




Economics & Finance

Health & Reproductive Rights

History & Theory (Film, Art, Architecture)

Queer Theory, Gender, & Sexuality



Women Designers, Architects & Feminism

Womxn in Design Suggestions


We are particularly interested in feminist perspectives from the Global South and not all texts on our list have been translated into English. Please send us your suggestions if you would like to contribute to the archive.

Read more about the IN/IN initiative and programming for International Women's Day here.

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