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How to efficiently find quality information about Buddhism, and get books, articles, images & video, and sacred texts,

Get Advice from Experts on Buddhism

If you are taking a class, ask your instructor for suggestions!

Also look into Oxford Bibliographies Online. Buddhism (Harvard Login). This resource includes an overview of the scholarly study of many aspects of Buddhism and gives selected book and article suggestions for finding more information. The articles are written by top scholar in the fields, making this an authoritative guide to current scholarship. Choose "Buddhism" from the top subject menu before browsing or searching.

Search for Books in the Harvard Library


  • Hint: Search Buddhis* (with the asterisk) to find items with either Buddhism or Buddhist.

For books not at Harvard, use the Harvard Library's Get It Services.

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BQ1-209 Periodicals, societies, congresses. essays, and reference works
BQ221-829 History (antiquities, general histories, histories by country, etc.)
BQ840-999 Biography (BQ860-939: Gautama Buddha)
BQ100-3340 Buddhist scriptures and literature
BQ4000-4060 General works
BQ4061-4565 Doctrines
BQ4570-4610 Special topics, relations to special subjects and other religions
BQ4620-4905 Pantheon
BQ4911-6495 Practices, ceremonies, hymns, liturgical objects, temples, ministry, and spiritual life
BQ6001-6388 Monasticism
BQ6400-6495 Pilgrimages
BQ7000-9519 Schools and traditions (BQ7530-7950: Tibetan; BQ9250-9519: Zen)
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