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How to efficiently find quality information about Buddhism, and get books, articles, images & video, and sacred texts,

Searching for Sacred Texts

In general, when searching for texts or translations of or works about a Buddhist sacred text, it helps to know what the Sanskrit title (if one is known) is of that text. The Sanskrit title is used in HOLLIS, article databases engines, and secondary literature to bring together all language versions and works about it.

If you only know a translated title, use reference works, HOLLIS, or article databases to find the Sanskrit title, and then use that title to do a more comprehensive search.

The first appendix (begining on p. 911) of this work has an extensive list of scriptures and texts that may be of help in determining titles: The Classification of Buddhism = Bukkyō Kyōhan: Comprising the Classification of Buddhist Doctrines in India, China and Japan (Print Only).

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