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Finding a Treaty Without a Citation

This is a guide to finding bilateral and multilateral agreements when you do not have a citation. It was created by Trinie Thai-Parker and is updated by Terri Saint-Amour.


Finding Treaties through Official Gazettes or Country Treaty Series

Government Gazettes Online

This website attempts to provide links to all official government gazettes available online.  It is particularly helpful because it includes an annotation for each entry regarding scope and content.

World Treaty Index

This website offers a searchable database of over 55,000 treaties of the 20th century. Compiled using a subject thesaurus, it can be search a number of ways and is a good source for identifying bilateral agreements.


United Kingdom

Using Hollis to find Treaties

1) One way that these publications can be identified is by carrying out a subject search in the HOLLIS Classic catalogue. 

 For gazettes: Gazettes – [country].

 For a particular treaty series: [country]— foreign relations—treaties.  

 2) Do a search in Hollis Classic to see if the particular country involved has a Treaty Calendar.  The word "Calendar" would be in the "title words" field. The Calendar can provide information on sources of treaty texts, as well as dates of signings, other country parties, and citation information.  


3) Do a search in Hollis Classic to see if the particular country has its own Treaty Series.  You can enter "treaty series" in the "title words" field, and enter the name of the country in the author field. If the country has its own treaty series, it should include an index.


4) Alternatively, use a print resource such as List of Treaty Collections, at Law School Reference JX120.Z99 L57x 1981 or the Manual of Collections of Treaties and of Collections Relating to Treaties, which is available in print, and online through Making of Modern Law (if the document predates 1922).

New Zealand

New Zealand Treaty Series, through the New Zealand Legal Information Institute.  The database pulls information from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.  Researchers are also encouraged to visit that ministry's website to make sure their information is up to date, and for more information on the treaty making process in New Zealand.