Major Review Periodicals and their Indexes

London Review of Books is indexed from 27 November 1997- . Selected full text.

Monthly Review (1749-1844) lists book reviews under book author. Published in London
LOCATION: Harvard Depository Widener: BP 313.3 (1749-1829)
LOCATION: Widener: BP 313.3 (1830-1844)

Indexes of contributors and articles. 2 v.
LOCATION: Widener: BP 313.3.7

  • v. 1: First series, 1749-1789
  • v. 2: Second series, 1790-1815

New York Herald Tribune Book Review, 1927-1961.
LOCATION: Widener: BP 314.4 F

New York Review of Books (1963- ) is available full text online. Print version:
LOCATION: Lamont: Periodicals (1972- )
LOCATION: Microforms (Lamont): RR Film S 3525 (1977/1979- )
LOCATION: Widener: BP 314.8 (1963-79)
LOCATION: Widener: BP 314.8.2 (Index, 1963-73)

New York Times Book Review is available in LexisNexis Academic (1980- ) and The Historical New York Times (1851-2003) (ProQuest Historical Newspapers). New York Times on the Web: Books (1981- ) provides an archive of daily NYT book reviews; it does not include the New York Times Book Review (the Sunday supplement). Also in microfilm and paper:
LOCATION: Widener Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room Film NC 39 1982- Included as part of the microfilm for the New York Times.
LOCATION: Widener: BP 314.3 F = 1896-1981

The New York Times Book Review Index, 1896-1970. 5 v.
v. 1. Author; v. 2. Title; v. 3. Byline; v. 4. Subject; v. 5. Category [genre, by year]
LOCATION: Widener: BP 314.3.1 F

Times Literary Supplement [TLS] (1902- ) is available in the Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive (1902-2005). It can be searched by book author, title, contributor and subject, but is not full-text searchable. Indexed in Academic Search Premier (Feb. 1990- ; no full text). For the TLS post-2005 see HOLLIS record.