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A page on blogs presents challenges of classification, to be sure. This page will benefit greatly from readers' suggestions as new nodes of discussion appear (and disappear) and take on hybrid forms and formats.

"blog, n.
Computing. Categories » = weblog n. 2.
[1999 www.bradlands.com (Weblog) 23 May (O.E.D. Archive) , Cam points out lemonyellow.com and PeterMe decides the proper way to say ‘weblog’ is ‘wee'- blog’ (Tee-hee!).]
1999 P. Merholz in peterme.com (Weblog) 28 May, For those keeping score on blog commentary from outside the blog community.
1999 Scotsman (Nexis) 30 Aug., Many of the early 'blogs link to one another and have built quite a community of webloggers—the authors who maintain them.
2002 Salina (Kansas) Jrnl. 21 Apr. b6/3 Blogs‥contain daily musings about news, dating, marriage, divorce, children, politics in the Middle East‥or millions of other things or nothing at all"

--Oxford English Dictionary, Third edition, March 2003; online version November 2010

Featured Blog Posts

Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning, the MacArthur Foundation's blog, features this story: "Humanities Courses & Digital Media: A Not So Brief History."

Sample Reality post of sessions at the 2011 MLA (Modern Language Association) conference.

From CUNY DHI: “Stuff Digital Humanists Like: Defining Digital Humanities by its Values” a video version of Tom Scheinfeldt’s December 1 talk at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Digging into Data Challenge
--Listing of Round Two Awardees

A National Digital Library
Oct. 2010 posting from au courant, blog by Paul Courant, University Librarian and Dean of Libraries at the University of Michigan). See the Berkman Center page for the official press release.

New Digital Humanities Minor at UCLA

From a January 26,2001 post on Excavator.

4Humanities: "Undergraduates Write Manifesto on Digital Humanities." Posted on December 28, 2010. Link to the manifesto.

Featured Platforms

4Humanities: "a site created by the international community of digital humanities scholars and educators to assist in advocacy for the humanities. 4Humanities is both a platform and a resource. As a platform, 4Humanities will stage the efforts of humanities advocates to reach out to the public. We are a combination newspaper, magazine, channel, blog, wiki, and social network."



"A hub for research and teaching in the digital arts and humanities" including project, tools and methods for creating and using digital resources, expert centres engaged in research and teaching using digital tools, methods and content, bibliography, case studies and briefing papers.

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