Focused Reform Strategy Paper

Use the 3-in-1 Education Articles databases to research your intervention.

1. Your "anchor search" will consist of the search terms for the higher education setting combined with OR:

AND the terms related to student completion rates and/or educational equity combined with OR: 

Note: Here are starter search strings if you would like to copy-and-paste them into the search boxes:

higher education terms: college* OR universit* OR "higher education" 

completion/equity terms: retention OR "academic persistence" OR "school holding power" OR dropout* OR "graduation rate" OR "educational equalization" OR "equal education" 

2. In the third box, put the search terms for the intervention you're exploring (for example, advising).

3. To add a fourth box, click the + sign below the boxes. In the fourth box, put the search terms for your student population. 

4. Click search and then use "Refine Results" in the left menu to limit the publication date. 


5. Have questions? Use our Ask Us form. We're here to help!