Issue Analysis


Use HOLLIS or course readings for background. Look for:

  • ways to narrow your scope (population, intervention, type of postsecondary institution, etc.)
  • associations or organizations named in reference lists



What is sometimes called "gray literature" -- works that  are either informally published, or published by a non-commercial enterprise, such as an association, academic institution, or government agency can be good sources of current data. Gray literature includes reports, conference proceedings, research papers, dissertations and more.

Where to find Gray Literature?

Research Clearinghouses such as the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center provide concise summaries of findings, policy implications, and recommendations on key education issues.

Professional associations, organizations, or research centers working in higher education can be useful sources of gray literature. 

Other sources:


Scholarly Articles

Use the 3-in-1 Education Articles databases 

Here's an example search:

Use the left menu to refine your results by date or "scholarly peer reviewed."


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