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Additional sources:

Historical Grammars

Historical grammars of Old English describe and explain the development of  OE from its prehistoric origins (Proto-Indo-European --> Proto-Germanic --> West Germanic --> pre-Old English) through the attested OE period (ca. 650 to 1066).   

The standard English-language historical grammar of OE has long been Alistair Campbell, Old English grammar (Oxford, 1959). HOLLIS Record

An important complement to Campbell is Richard M. Hogg, A grammar of Old English (2 vols, Blackwell, 1992-2011). Volume 1 (Phonology) and Volume 2 (Morphology, co-authored by R.D. Fulk) provide modern treatments of these subjects, with extensive bibliographies. [WID-LC PE131 .H6 1992] HOLLIS Record

The prehistory of Old English is covered in detail in Donald Ringe, ed., A linguistic history of English: from Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic (Oxford, 2006). [WID-LC PE1075 .R55 2006] HOLLIS record (full text available online via HOLLIS, Harvard ID required)    

The standard German-language handbook is Karl Brunner, Altenglische Grammatik; nach der Angelsächsischen Grammatik von Eduard Sievers (3. Aufl., 1965, Niemeyer). [WID-LC PE131 .B78x 1965] HOLLIS Record

The most reliable and detailed survey of English historical phonology, including the development of OE, is Karl Luick, Historische Grammatik der englischen Sprache (Vol. 1, Pts 1-2, 1914-1940; Harvard UP reprint, 1964). [Widener 9275.11.13] HOLLIS Record (full text available online via Internet Archive)

Much of Luick's coverage has been summarized conveniently by his student, Hans Pinsker, in his Historische englische Grammatik (2. Aufl., Hueber, 1963). [Widener 9276.53.2 ] HOLLIS Record

Still valuable as a concise historical grammar of OE is Ernst Kieckers, Altenglische Grammatik (Hueber, 1935). [Widener 9286.32.50] HOLLIS Record


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