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Women's Health

Research Guide to manuscript / archival collections and periodicals related to women's health.

Films & Digital Projects

The Motherhood Archives by Irene Lusztig

"Archival montage, science fiction, and an homage to 70s feminist filmmaking are woven together to form this haunting and lyrical essay film excavating hidden histories of childbirth in the twentieth century. Assembling an extraordinary archive of over 100 educational, industrial, and medical training films (including newly rediscovered Soviet and French childbirth films) The Motherhood Archives (2013, 91 min.) inventively untangles the complex, sometimes surprising genealogies of maternal education." - Irene Lusztig


The Worry Box Project by Irene Lusztig

"A companion website to The Motherhood Archives, The Worry Box Project is a participatory web-based archive of maternal anxieties based on the concept of a collective virtual worry box: visitors to the website select one of two categories (“anxiety dreams” and “waking anxieties") and anonymously submit a written worry; they are also able to view the anxieties and dreams of other women." - Irene Lusztig

Note: The Worry Box Project requires a Flash-enabled browser.