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Animal Law

This guide was created by law librarian Terri Saint-Amour, who combines her career expertise with a special love of animals both as a "mom" to five cats and a blind, elderly chihuahua, and a volunteer with the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

Tips on Finding Materials on Animal Law in Hollis

The following are some examples of possible subjects to search on within Hollis for treatises.  Also note that you can always substitute another country's name or region of the world (such as "Latin America") in place of where "United States" appears below. 

Animal welfare -- Law and legislation -- United States 
Animal rights -- United States 
Animal industry -- Law and legislation -- United States 
Animal experimentation -- Law and legislation -- United States 
Laboratory animals -- Law and legislation -- United States 
Working animals -- Law and legislation -- United States 
Domestic animals -- Law and legislation -- United States 
Animals in the performing arts -- Law and legislation -- United States

To find treatises or guides on how to conduct legal research in the field of animal law, please see the list below for some examples. Again, you can substitute another country's name or region of the world in the place of where "United States" appears.

Animal welfare -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.;
Animal rights -- United States -- Legal research.;
Animal industry -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.;
Animal experimentation -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.;
Laboratory animals -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.;
Working animals -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.;
Domestic animals -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.;
Animals in the performing arts -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Legal research.