Dining and Kitchen Staff

Corporation records: minutes, 1643-1933 The Corporation minutes are a resource for locating the names of community members who worked for the College as servants, merchants, and tradesmen.

Harvard Commons records, 1686-1829 A letter from Steward Caleb Gannett, written to the Corporation in defense of the quality of food served after the student rebellion of 1807, provides excellent descriptions of the usual fare provided and the habits of the kitchen staff.

Records of the Harvard Dining Association, 1874-1925 and 1961-1962 Minutes of the Board of Directors include discussions regarding waiters.

Records of the Department of Food Services, 1940-1966 (inclusive) Contains chef and waitress instructions.

Kitchen workers' newsletter, [1975]

General information about Harvard food service workers, 1986

Harvard University Archives Photograph Collection: Subjects Contains photographs of Memorial Hall kitchen staff and waiters.

A Day in Life: Working in the Kitchens of Harvard Harvard Crimson article about Harvard kitchens, May 12, 2014.