Research Consultations

Meet with a HKS Research Librarian to develop a research strategy for the Spring Exercise and to learn how to find specific library resources. Our hours are Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. & Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Ways to contact us:

Locating Books and Book Chapters

Find books, book chapters, encyclopedias, print journals and more by using Harvard Libraries catalog, HOLLIS+

Note: HOLLIS+ includes some full-text journal articles in its search results. However, a HOLLIS+ search only covers some of our academic database subscriptions.

When is a book sometimes better than an article? When you need:

  • An overview of a new area or complex topic;
  • Explanations of terms or concepts that are new to you;
  • Help identifying a research area of interest; and
  • Bibliographies with key sources you should know.

The default search in HOLLIS+ is a keyword search in the "Everything" tab in HOLLIS+, which includes some full-text articles in the results. Select the "HOLLIS" tab, to limit your search results to e-books, print books, print journals and other items owned by Harvard Libraries.

Select the Advanced Search option to the right of the search box to search by subject. We have included some good subject search terms below that you can cut and paste into the HOLLIS+ Advanced Search box to get you started on finding books related to immigration and migration policy.

  • Emigration and immigration law United States
  • Immigrants United States Legal status
  • United States Emigration and immigration Government politics
  • United States Emigration and immigration Economic aspects
  • United States Emigration and immigration Political aspects

See screenshot below for example of a subject search using the Advanced Search option in HOLLIS+: