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Research Seminar in Japanese History

Taught by Professor Andrew Gordon in Spring 2017

Local government

帝国議会会議録検索システム 第1回~第92回帝国議会(明治23年11月~昭和22年3月)

官報 (1883-1952)

Humanitarian disasters

Occupation 1945-1951

  • Title:
  • Author / Creator:Anderson, Margaret.
  • Description:Less than 1 linear ft. 
  • Summary:Letters to Margaret Anderson from Japanese friends; most are from Fumiko Mitani Amatatsu who attended Mt. Holyoke College with Anderson. Amatatsu subsequently returned to Japan before the outbreak of the Second World War, and during the American Occupation after the war Anderson sent her relief packages. Amatatsu's written responses to Anderson's gifts chronicle both the hardships and joys of the Japanese people during that period. Some letters predate the Allied occupation of Japan. Enclosed in some of Amatatsu's letters are letters from other Japanese people who received Anderson's donations.
  • Charles Nicholas Johnson Slide Collection 260 color slides taken by Johnson, U.S. Army non-commissioned officer, in 1955-57 while he was in Japan. 


日本占領関係資料 over 30,000 digitized items drawn from the US National Archives, made available by the NDL.

The Gordon W. Prange Collection The contents of the Prange Collection once constituted the files of the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD), an operating unit of the Supreme Commander of the Allied Powers (SCAP) Press, Pictorial and Broadcast Division. Between 1945 and 1949, the CCD was responsible for reviewing all Japanese publications to identify violations of the Code for the Japanese Press. Yenching library holds a complete set of magazines and newspapers from the Prange collection in microform.

Prange Digital Children's Book Collection Some 1600 picture books (ehon) and 2000 comics (manga) are digitized.

プランゲ文庫資料の検索 Compiled by the NDL.

GHQ film records list リスト 映像で見る占領期の日本

Gordon W. Prange Collection magazines 13,783 magazines published in Japan  during 1945-1949, in microfiche (in 62,977 sheets)

Gordon W. Prange Collection of newspapers and newsletters 18,047 newspapers and newsletters in microfilm (in 3,826 rolls)


Historical Journals

「東洋経済新報」 「週刊東洋経済」 明治28年11月ー昭和20年12月 ( The Oriental Economist, weekly. 1895-1945)     「太陽」明治28年-昭和3年 (The Sun, 1895-1928)                        「文芸倶楽部」明治28年-大正1年(1895-1911)    「校友会雑誌」明治23年ー昭和15年(1890-1940)                        via JapanKnowledge

「中央公論」第16巻ー37巻(1901-1922)Full View via HathiTrust