HOLLIS for Archival Discovery is a new system, and we are constantly working to improve its functionality and usability.  Here are some tricks for working with the tool. 

Saving/sending search results

If you would like to save a set of search results for later reference, copy the URL and save it. Paste the URL into any browser and it will retrieve your search, including all parameters and filters. 

Returning to search results

There is no Back button in HOLLIS for Archival Discovery. If you'd like to return to a set of results after viewing a collection or component, you can use the back functionality of your browser. You can also right-click results and select Open in new tab to ensure you still have access to search results. 

Searching within a collection

The keyboard shortcut Ctl + F will not find content in unopened series in Collection Overview or Collection Inventory pages. If you do not want to use the Search within collection box, try generating a PDF of the finding aid.