COVID-19 Update:

  • Currently, for Harvard Extension School, only degree candidates and premedical program participants are eligible to visit the libraries. Your Harvard ID is all that is needed, as Covid testing is no longer required. Masks are not required, although consider wearing one while inside the library. If you have any questions about masking or other Covid related questions, please contact the library you intend to visit.  

This library research guide is designed to support you as you do business research. Use the left-menu, or the table of contents pull down menu on your phone, for general or specific business-focused recommendations, such as company data or marketing information.

  • Are you trying to learn about a topic before you decide to research it? Or maybe you are looking to see if the library owns or has access to a specific thing?
    • The HOLLIS page is a good introduction to effectively searching HOLLIS, Harvard Library's catalog. 
  • Are you in need of research articles or sources for your assignment?
    • Use the HOLLIS page and look for guidance on keyword searching and refining your results.
    • Use the Articles page, where you will find recommend resources that provide articles.
  • Do you need to evaluate sources or use peer-reviewed articles?
    • Use the Evaluating and Using Sources page for help with citation management systems or understanding what makes an article scholarly research.
  • Do you live outside of Cambridge and Harvard?

Need More Help?

If you didn't find the help you needed on this guide, here are some additional options for help:

  • The Get Research Help webpage offers various resources, including finding subject specialists, which is a good idea for degree-candidates working towards a thesis. 
  • The Ask a Librarian webpage offers an online chat service, an email form if you are unsure about who to ask for subject-expertise help or specific questions, and a form to request a research appointment.
  • The Baker Business Library has many Research Guides that might help with specific topics. Baker als has more resources, but most are only available for use in their library.
  • If you have general questions about the libraries, see the Library Guide for Harvard Extension School.
  • Also, feel free to email Mary Frances Angelini, Research Librarian for the Extension School angelini@fas.harvard.edu, Jonathan Paulo, Online Learning and Reference Librarian jonathan_paulo@harvard.edu, or Ann Robinson, Reference Assistant arobins@fas.harvard.edu.