Office of Public Sector Information: Legislation in its Original Format contains full texts of legislation, as enacted, iincluding:

  • UK legislation 1988 +
  • Scottish Acts and Statutory Insturments 1999+
  • Northern Ireland Statutes 1921+ and Statutory Rules 1991+
  • Welsh Statutory Instruments 1999+


Title Years Location
Statutes at Large 1225-1869 Br Doc 9000.210 - .250
The Practical Statutes (Peterson, ed.) 1858-1943 Br Doc 9000.290
Public General Acts 1870 - Present Br Doc 9000.330
The Statutes Revised 1235-1948 Br Doc 9000.375
Acts & Ordinances of the Interregnum 1642-1660 Br Doc 850.3
Statutory Instruments 1899 - Present Br Doc 850. 50


HeinOnline English Reports

The HeinOnline English Reports, Full Reprint (1220-1867) provides exact page-images of the original bound reprint edition of the English Reports together with the Indexes and Book of Charts. Special navigation tools include the Case Locator, Chart Tool, and Advanced Search. The HeinOnline English Reports may be browsed by volume, by index and by the Book of Charts. The English Reports is a 178 volume set containing more than 100,000 early English cases published between 1220 and 1865. The English Reports is not a chronological publication. It is a reprint of hundreds of nominate reports, case reporters of specific courts referred to by their creators name. Each case in the English Reports has two citations, an English Reports


Treaties can be found in the Parliamentary Papers or they are sometimes individually cataloged in HOLLIS Classic Catalog under author "Great Britain. Treaties, etc., ". For an annotated index and guide to the treaties see below:

An Index of British Treaties, ed. by Perry, Clive.(v. 1-3:1101 - 1968; v. 4:1969-1988)
Location: (Documents) Lamont Br Doc 19.5 (v.1-3 only)
Location: Law School ILS RR JX236.5 .P37x 1970 (v.1- 4)

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