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House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCCP) (1715-present)
The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers online is a searchable full text data base of the working papers of the House of Commons from 1715 to present. These are papers created by the Commons and also those presented to it. They include bills, parliamentary committee reports and evidence, reports of royal commissions, and command papers. There are financial accounts of government, statistics of trade, treaties, and papers detailing colonial, military, and foreign affairs. Here in breadth and depth are documentary sources for the study of the political, social, and economic life of Great Britain and Ireland and much of the rest of the world. The House of Common Debates (Hansard) are not included here.

TSO Official Documents (May 2005- present)
This Stationery Office site provides listings of Command and departmentally sponsored House of Commons Papers. From May 2005 onwards, all Command Papers and House of Commons Papers, as well as Key Departmental Papers, are available for free on the site in PDF format.

United Kingdom Parliament (1988+) This site is the online source of daily debates, committee debates, reports, the Weekly Information Bulletin, and the Sessional Information Digest.

U.K. Parliament. House of Commons (11/88+)
U.K. Parliament. House of Lords (6/96+)

Parliament on TV Parliament Live [RealPlayer, Windows Media Player]: Live broadcasts of the UK parliament when in session, with keyword searching for archived video footage (one month's archive).

Digitised Historical Parliamentary Material
This page list tables with links to various digitized parliamentary materials online. These originate from various organizations, not necessarily from official sources.

House of Commons Debates


Main Sources

Title Years Location
Hansard’s Parliamentary Debates (ed. by Cobbett) 1066-1803 Br Doc 9000.80
Hansard’s 1803-1908 Br Doc 9000.90
Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Commons 1803-1830

In: Nineteenth Century Masterfile (via Harvard Libraries E-Resources)

Hansard’s 1909-Present Br Doc 9000.98
Hansard: House of Commons Hansard (Debates) 11/22/88+ Hansard

Historic sources

Title Years Location
Cobbett’s Political Register 1802-35 Br Doc 9000.3
Mirror of Parliament 1828-41 Br Doc 9000.12
Parliamentary History of England 1066-1659 Br Doc 9000.25
History and Proceedings 1660-1744 Br Doc 9000.65
Index to Cobbett's Parliamentary History of England 1066-1803 In: Nineteenth Century Masterfile (via Harvard Libraries E-Resources)
The parliamentary diary of Thomas Burton, MP for Westmorland (1653-59). 4 volumes. 1653-1659 British History Online: Burton, Thomas; Diary of: (via Harvard Libraries E-Resources)
Extensive verbatim accounts of Commons debates, 1660-1739, in 10 volumes. 10 volumes. Chandler 1660-1739 British History Online: Commons, History and Proceedings (Chandler) (via Harvard Libraries E-Resources)
Debates (1667-94), collected by the Hon. Anchitell Grey, MP (10 vols). 10 volumes. 1667-1694

British History Online: Commons, Debates of (Grey) (via Harvard Libraries E-Resources)

House of Commons Journals


Title Years Location
House of Commons Journals 1547-Present Br Doc 510.5
Index to House of Commons Journals 1547-1778 Br Doc 14.1
Index to House of Commons Journals 1547-Present Br Doc 14.2
Journal of the House of Commons. volumes 1-12 and 85 1547-1699 and 1830 British History Online (via Harvard Libraries E-Resources)


House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

Documents in Paper

Title Years Location
Parliamentary Papers 1715-1800 Br Doc 649.10
Index: Br Doc 649.10.1
Parliamentary Papers 1801+ Br Doc 650

Documents in Microform

Title Years Location
Parliamentary Papers 1731-1800; parts of 1843, 1846, 1849 & 1877 Microprint 10
Parliamentary Papers 1801-1921 Microfiche S 340.5

Parliamentary Papers:

  • House of Commons Papers (H.C.)
  • Command Papers
  • Bills
  • Index - 1985/86- Present
  • Microfiche S 338
  • Microfiche S 339
  • Microfiche S 340
  • Microfiche S 340.2
Parliamentary Papers 1806/07; 1837 vol. 46, pt. 1 Film S 57

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers Indexes


Index to House of Commons parliamentary papers. 1801-Present
Location: Documents (Lamont) CD ROM Doc J301.M563x

Paper and Microform Indexes

Please note that the starred (*) volumes are housed at the Government Documents/Microforms Reference Desk.

Title Years Location
Hansard’s Index 1696-1834 Br Doc 5.10*
Br Doc 11.32*

Br Doc 650.5
List of House of Common Sessional Papers 1701-1750 Br Doc 14.20*
Catalog of Papers 1731-1800 Br Doc 14.20*

Parliamentary Papers Index
1852-1899 (2 vols.)
1959-1969 (2 vols.)



Br Doc 650.5*

HMSO Catalog 1969+ Br Doc 4.5
Command Papers: Finding List 1833-1962 Br Doc 7.5*
Parliamentary Papers: Index 1980/1-Present Microfiche S 340.2

House of Commons Committees


Title Years Location
Reports from Committees [15 vols.] 1715 - 1800 Br Doc 765.5
Standing Committees. Official Report 1957 - Present Br Doc 9000.150
Standing Committees. Debates and Select Committee Reports 1997 + Committees: A-Z Index
An Index to Chairman of Committees 1800 - 1899 Br Doc 7.10
Committee on Reports: Indexed by Chair 1983 + Br Doc 16.10

House of Commons Division Lists

The Division Lists give the results of every vote taken in the House of Commons and list the names of those who voted for and against each motion. It is is usually available to the public the following day in Hansard and on the Parliament website.

Title and Description Years Location
Division Lists
Five indexes to the Div. lists for 1836-1875 were published in the Parliamentary Papers and are included on microfiche with the Division lists.
1836-1909 Microfiche W 6032
Voting Record of British House of Commons 1761-1820 Br Doc 545.5
Division list is published in Hansard 1909+ Br Doc 9000.98