We provide content

The library helps you to deliver readings assigned for courses by: 

Need to help a student find articles beyond what's on the syllabus? 

  • Use the library's catalog, HOLLIS, to find articles in all disciplines and books from across Harvard's 70 libraries. 
  • Logging in to HOLLIS with your HarvardKey gets access to all the Harvard Library's paid online content.  

We provide expertise

Research Librarians

Encourage your students to contact us for assignment-specific research support. We work with individual students or small groups working on a team project.

Why suggest your students work with a research librarian?

  • Get advice on the best bodies of literature and journal collections for their research question
  • Feel more confident that they have done a thorough search
  • Get help troubleshooting any research-related question or problem
  • Connect with a friendly colleague who loves what they do (and can save them time!)

How to connect with the Gutman research librarians:

Writing Center & Communications Lab TFs 

Refer your students to contact us for assignment-specific writing and oral communication support. 

Why suggest your students work with a writing TF?

  • Define a research question 
  • Organize the content of your paper 
  • Receive citation and referencing resource recommendations 

Why suggest your students work with a CommLab TF?

  • Practice oral presentations
  • Storyboard and develop a slide presentation
  • Create an “elevator pitch” 
  • Organize and develop a conference poster 
  • Assistance with other mixed-media communication  

How to connect with the HGSE Writing and CommLab TFs:

Visit the HGSE Writing Center and CommLab website for more resources.

Scholarly communications support

We can help at each stage of sharing or publishing your work, whether in professional or scholarly communities.

  • get started on a digital project - developing a clear approach and finding resources available to you 
  • discuss how to increase the visibility of your work, measure its impact, and find collaborators  
  • learn best practices for organizing, preserving, and making your research data accessible 
  • find copyright-free images, videos, and multimedia content for your project, paper, presentation, capstone, or dissertation 
  • understand your copyrights as an author, teacher, learner, and researcher 
  • identify publications or conference venues to share your work 
  • learn about the peer review publishing and editorial process 
  • be connected to other campus resources such as visualization and data analysis services


How to connect with the Gutman Digital Scholarship and Scholarly Communications Librarians:

We provide timesaving tools and services

Lean Library   

Google or Google Scholar user? Tired of being asked to pay for full text? Install the Lean Library extension for easy access to online content and other resources available from the Harvard Library.  

Get It

Begin in HOLLIS to find books and articles available through the Harvard Library.

In HOLLIS but not available online?

Not in HOLLIS or not available at Harvard?

Research management and citation tools 

Learn how Zotero or EndNote can help you:

  • create reference lists in APA and other formats from a folder of sources with a single click 
  • create a searchable database of your research
  • import citations, abstracts, and more from online sources
  • organize notes and full text documents, such as PDFs, images, spreadsheets