Left: Harvard Cosmopolitan Club table, 1914, HUD 3404  Center: Plenyono Gbe Wolo graduation portrait, 1917, HUG 4879.405  Right: Mather House StayUp poster, 1974, HUD 3000pf

Start your research on the history of the Black student experience at Harvard with this guide. The collections listed here are all from the Harvard University Archives.

Collection Availability

Many of the University Archives' collections are open and available for use. However, there are collections within this guide that contain restricted materials.

For questions about access to specific collections, please contact the Archives reference staff in advance of your visit before placing a request.

Restrictions apply to certain categories of material:

  • University policy restricts access to University administrative records for a period of 50 years from the date of their creation. University records pertaining to individuals, including student and employee records, are closed for a minimum of 80 years.
  • Archives of student, alumni, and other associated organizations are subject to the same 50- and 80-year restrictions on access.
  • Personal archives of faculty, administrators, students, and alumni/ae may be subject to restrictions established by the donor. University records in personal archives are subject to the same 50- and 80-year restrictions on access required by University policy.
  • Records in general distribution at their time of creation are usually open without restriction. These include announcements, official University publications, calendars, brochures, and public reports.

This guide was prepared by Jehan Sinclair, July 2020.